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    Things to know about Brocade products Sapa

    Sapa, one of the most visited destinations in almost Vietnam tour packages, is a name evoking unforgettable memories in tourists' mind. It is not just the land of majestic mountains and immense white flowers forests, but also the residence of many ethnic minority groups with unique cultural colors of brocade. That is so fantastic when popping in Dao people's markets in Sapa the most attractive thing is ladies' vivid costumes. The colors of Sapa brocade not just create the hidden charm of ladies, but also become a traditional culture of ethnic people in Sapa. For local people, brocade has an important meaning in their daily as well as spiritual life. Brocade is used as decorative items, and keepsakes of love...
    brocade in Sapa

    Brocade in Sapa is traditionally made of cotton and flax yarn materials found in the forest. Its patterns are also dyed with natural colors. The patterns on the brocade fabrics often follow traditions of each ethnic group. Brocade weaving tradition is preserved and inherited through skillful hands of women in families. You may be amazed because the girls embroider their wedding dress by themselves and just look at meticulously embroidered brocade items, you will understand the diligence as well as patience of ethnic people living in Sapa.

    Previously, brocade was created to meet the needs in daily life, to use as dowry and in festivals.  Nowadays, when Sapa tourism and economy are more developed, Sapa brocade products are favored by most tourists. And in an effort to satisfy the complicated requirements of customers, there are two kinds of brocades available in the market: mass-produced and handmade ones. Mass-produced brocade is brighter with more designs, while the handmade one is darker with more harmonious pattern, containing the high traditional value. Brocade can be made into clothes, dresses, bags, backpacks, purses, scarfs, and even bed coverings.

    These special products are often sold in Sapa markets, or along the roads to Cat Cat Village or Ta Phin Village. These brocade products vary from vivid dresses, bandanas, handbags, wallets, or some interesting decorative items. Obviously, the development of brocade as tourism products contributes to the preservation of traditional cultural values. Along with other values, brocade is improved by local ethnic groups to become a culture featuring unique identity, enriching Vietnam culture.

    So, do you want to travel in Sapa to feel sprawling here? Please, look at the following suggestions to have a tour Sapa perfect.

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