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    Tips for you when staying at homestay in Sapa

    Sapa, one of the most visited destinations in almost Vietnam tour packages, is a name evoking unforgettable memories in tourists' mind. It is not just the land of majestic mountains and immense white flowers forests, but also the residence of many ethnic minority groups. So, your trip in Sapa  will be great if you have a sleep night at homestay.

    homestay in Sapa
    Homestay means you will live with the local residents, in local houses within the location you travel. In Sapa, that house is likely to be the home of a Hmong or Red Dao family. And VietNam Typical Tours will give you the advice noteworthy when sleeping at homestay in Sapa. That is essential for you to help bring the best travelling experiences.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do

    Learning the cultures, customs and the norms of the places where you are going to visit is imperative. You are also expected to learn and respect basic cultural patterns of the family hosting you such as the way they live the daily routine, how they treat each other, the way they eat, their religions,... While living in a local house, suggestion for you is to live just like a true indigenous eating, sleeping, playing with the host families and openly discussing and exchanging your cultures to each other. Sometimes you may find the local gastronomy or religion does not fit you, restrain to express your personal opinions, especially ones with offensive meanings. Respect the local lifestyle and let yourself flowed with it, you will find a lot more amazing experiences.

    Never be afraid of asking

    Do not hesitate to ask for the thing you are not clear. Living in a total new and strange environment is not easy, especially where you have to make yourself be habitual with the lifestyle of a family in a total strange place. That you question and even give requirement to the hosts can help you have more connection with them while the hosts will surely answer you with friendliness. Conversing with your host family is also an ideal way to work on your language skills. You jus have to remember to keep fine attitude when raising any concern.

    Costume : You should bring something warm, as the nights will cool off, sometimes dropping as mush as ten degrees. Notably, do not wear all white into the villages, and do not touch people’s heads.

    Gift as the greet: You can bring gifts for the homestay owner, things like pens, pencils, and books. Other great things to bring with you to the homestay, and all over asia, are pictures of your home, you and your family. The pictures always become a great conversation piece.

    Note:  to chose a homestay overnight that  a home must have a flush toilet, be clean and tidy, have bedding with a mosquito net and, most importantly, be hygienic — hosts must undertake food hygiene training and pass an exam. It’s likely that you’ll stay in a room that has been added to a traditional house, which is unlikely to have separate rooms. This gives both hosts and guests some privacy and space.

    And to legally provide homestay accommodation, hosts must be registered from before you come in so homeowners be prepared and could welcome you in the best way (this information will be  provided  by a reliable tour operator in Sapa)

    Reading these tips, are you ready to travel in Sapa and try feel overnight at homestay?
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