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    What to buy gifts for friends when travelling Sapa ?

    If you have a chance to visit Sapa, you definitely should not ignore choosing some pretty gifts for your loved ones. VietNam Typical Tours will give you some suggestions that you should buy a meaningful gift when visiting this beautiful town and this unique.

     Sapa brocade products

    Being a mountainous area with many ethnic tribes live together, Sapa is the place that expresses cultural features most fully. Once visiting Sapa, you can easily see a lot of ethnic minorities in their colorful brocade cloths. Brocade also can be made into clothes, dresses, bags, backpacks, purses, scarfs, and even bed coverings.... The brocades are sold in markets, souvenir shops or even from the streets. The ethnic women can take two weeks when sewing a one-span piece of brocade. More complex, it takes up to months to completing one traditional brocade dress.  Each brocade clothes represent local girls’ sewing skills and all women must know weaving, embroidering and sewing clothing for their whole of family. You may be amazed because the girls embroider their wedding dress by themselves.

      Sapa brocade products

    Along with brocades, you can buy other local handicraft, souvenirs or silver jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, chain which all ethnic women wear. Everything is beautiful and meaningful souvenirs.

    Sapa seasonal fruits

    Thank for cool climate, Sapa has many special fruits which you cannot find in other places, for example plum, peach, etc. In Sapa, peach has many different kinds such as H’mong peach, France peach and Van Nam peach but “Ro peach” or “mountainous peach” are very popular for the locals and tourists. Peach is not only planted in the garden of the locals but also grow on mountain sides and forests. Enjoying a Sapa peach, you can taste both sour and sweet. People often harvest peaches on May and June and put it a bamboo baskets that help avoiding bruised. Peach is a mountainous gift for visitors who come to Sapa in the summer.

    Man sapa

    Sapa plum have big size and green color; turn to yellow when it ripen. Local people grow a lot of plum near the Ho Quy Ho Pass and around the Sapa town. In May, tourist will have chance to trek through the plum garden and taste fresh ripe plum right in trees, very sweet and crispy. If you want to bring plum to home, you can buy with the price 20.000- 30.000 vnd/kg.

    In addition, tourists can buy local vegetables like chayote and dried mushrooms.

    Traditional medicinal herbs

    The provinces in the northern in Vietnam have been known as the world of precious medicinal herbs. The ethnic minorities live on the mountain and they are very good at medicine. Their life is closely related to forests and their traditional medicament is made up of medicinal herbs for healthcare.  These medicinal herbs can be fresh or dried but it is still very useful. If you have chance go to Sapa, you will find that medicinal herbs are sold in the markets or the villages of the ethnic minorities. It can be sold separately or packed together for treating many different diseases.

    medicinal herbs

    Raw honey in Sapa

    Raw honey in Sapa is useful product which you should bring home. If you have a cough or a sore throat you can eat a spoon of honey each morning, you will be alright. Local girl also make honey mask for skin moisturizing and whitening. If you love cooking, drop little Sapa honey to your cake, you will get an amazing taste.

    raw honey in sapa


    – Bargaining with the sellers if you intend to buy a brocade product

    – Checking the fruits and vegetables carefully before you pack

    – Going with the local friend or guide to choose the right herbs and at reasonable price.

      If you need specific information about places to buy such  things, receive useful advises from our suggestions here.

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