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    10 health benefits of papaya

    A fruit that grows in the country throughout the year, the papaya, like most fruits, appears green when young but turns amber or orange as it ripens. This is one of the many fruits that originally grow in Central America but are now popularly cultivated throughout the Southeast Asian regions. Now, Papayas are popular desserts in Viet Nam. The "gỏi đu đủ bò khô" is also a known salad-like dish in the country using green papaya and shredded beef jerky eaten with a special hot sauce. One of the most popular varieties of papaya in the country grows in the Mekong Delta Region. Their papaya is known for its red, thick pulp with a distinct appetizing smell and is less sugary. Papayas are also grown in the country’s northern regions but the colder climate takes a longer time for the fruits to ripen. 

    10 health benefits of papaya
    The flesh of the papaya may be yellow, orange, or red-orange and has the consistency similar to a very ripe cantaloupe. It has a delectable sweet taste, yet, it is best to consume the fruit fresh and while it just had ripened since it could easily turn mushy and too soft when overripe while its taste becomes overly sweet and gradually sours with a disagreeable smell to it. To eat it, divide the fruit in half, take a spoon to scoop out the seeds, then serve in long boat-like slices for its flesh to be scooped from the skin with a spoon. Yet, an easier way to eat the papaya is to peel the fruit out after removing the seeds, then diced or sliced into desired sizes and shapes. 

    Although papaya is sold widely at a very low price all over Vietnam, this sweet smelling fruit in fact contains various minerals and vitamin A and C that are very good for your health. There are a few kinds of papaya: one with red meat and with yellow or orange meat, depending on the growing land. Vietnamese also use unripe papaya in some cuisines such as salad or soup.

    And can not deny that this fruit is very good for human health. Here are 10 health benefits of papaya bring:

    1. Lowers cholesterol

    Papaya is rich in fibre, Vitamin C and antioxidants which prevent cholesterol build up in your arteries. Too much cholesterol build-up can lead to several heart diseases including heart attack and hypertension.

    2. It promotes better heart health

    Papaya contains lycopene, which has been shown to keep cholesterol from oxidizing, therefore lowering levels. In one study, people who took a fermented papaya supplement for 14 weeks had less inflammation and a better LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio than people who were given a placebo. An improved ratio is linked to reduced risk of heart disease.

    10 health benefits of papaya
    3. Great for your eyes

    Papaya’s vitamin A promotes good vision. Vitamin A’s eye benefits are important: Without it, certain pigments required to see the full spectrum of light will not be produced. Vitamin A is also needed to nourish the cornea. Without an adequate supply in your diet, your eyes cannot produce enough moisture to keep them properly lubricated.

    4. Improves digestion

    In today’s times, it is near impossible to avoid eating foods that are bad for your digestive system. Often we find ourselves eating junk food or restaurant food prepared in excessive quantities of oil. Eating a papaya daily can make up for such occasional mistakes, as it has a digestive enzyme known as papain along with fibre which helps improve your digestive health.

    5. Prevents cancer

    Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids that prevent your cells from undergoing free radical damage. Some studies have also linked the consumption papaya to reduced risk of colon and prostate cancer.

    Research has suggested that papaya leaf tea promotes “anticancer activity.” In a 2010 study, researchers noted that the tea, made from dried papaya leaves, boosted production of molecules called Th1-type cytokines. These regulated the immune system in lab-grown tumors, including cancers of the: cervix, breast, liver, lung, pancreas

    6. Protects against arthritis and antiaging properties

    Arthritis can be a really debilitating disease and people who have it may find their quality of life reduced significantly. Eating papayas are good for your bones as they have anti-inflammatory properties along with Vitamin C which helps in keeping various forms of arthritis at bay. A study published in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases showed that people who consumed foods low in Vitamin C were three times more likely to have arthritis than those who didn’t.

    And it also has antiaging properties. The enzyme papain also helps soften and revitalize skin. It contains vitamins A and C, which can help reduce wrinkles and fade spots. Specifically, vitamin C helps the body make collagen, which aids in diminishing wrinkles. Whip up this homemade papaya face scrub to start reaping these benefits.

    7.  Good for diabetics

    Papaya is an excellent food option for diabetics as it has a low-sugar content even though it is sweet to taste. Compared to higher sugar fruits like bananas, cherries, and grapes, papaya is a better choice for those watching their carbohydrate or sugar intake. One cup of cubed papaya contains about 11 grams of sugar. Also, people who don’t have diabetes can eat papaya to prevent it from happening.

    8. Helps weight loss: 

    One medium sized papaya contains just 120 calories. So, if you’re planning to lose weight, don’t forget to add this light fruit to your diet. Besides, it also packed with a considerable amount of dietary fibre that aids weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness and controlling cravings 

    9. Boosts your immunity: 

    Your immune system acts as a shield against various infections that can make you really sick. A single papaya can fulfil more than 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, making it great to build a stronger immune system.

    10. Helps reduce stress

    After working hard for the whole day, it is a good idea to come home to a plate a papayas. The wonder fruit is rich in several nutrients like Vitamin C which can keep you free from stress. According to a study conducted in University of Alabama, found that 200 mg of Vitamin C can help regulate the flow of stress hormones in rats.

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