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    5 most attractive points to trekking in south Vietnam

    Southern Vietnam covers the Mekong Delta, the extreme southern end of the Mekong River, and the area around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. As all deltas, it receives the bounty of the siltation from the upper Mekong, and as such is a very rich and lush area, covered with rice fields. It produces about half of the total of Vietnam’s agricultural output (in fact the delta produces more rice than Korea and Japan altogether), and is the place for timeless sceneries of farmers planting or harvesting rice. So, trekking in South Vietnam will be  avery good value experiences attractive to all tourists and foreigners.

    1. Cat Tien National Park

    5 most attractive points to trekking in south Vietnam

    Cat Tien is the national park situated in three provinces Dong Nai, Lam Dong, and Binh Thuan, in the South of Vietnam. The national park is truly well-reserved with impressive biodiversity including many ancient trees which may live for a thousand years. The system of waterfalls, rivers are also stunningly striking. Central Highlands Area The Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) of Vietnam are a distinct contrast from the tropical south, with an arid climate and rolling hills. Much of the Central Highlands is a series of flat plateaus, mainly settled by various ethnic groups. Apart from Dalat, most of extraordinary sights and attractions are not mentioned much in travel books, probably because they are located too far from regular tourism routes. Some of the must-see destinations are Ngok Linh Mountain, Chu Mon Ray jungle, Dak To hot spring, etc..

    2. Liang Biang Mountain – Lam Dong Province

    5 most attractive points to trekking in south Vietnam

    Langbiang Mountain is located in Lac Duong district which is 12 km from Dalat in the North. With its height of 2,169m above the sea level, Langbiang Mountain has not only been an attractive tourist site but also kept a legend about a passionate love.

    Nowadays, Langbiang tourist site has been known by a lot of local and foreign tourists with its multiform biology of plants, animals and its attractive amusements such as climbing mountain, camping, taking eco-tours and researching native culture. If you want to conquer the top mountain, you should go by walking.

    3. Ba Den Mountain – Tay Ninh Province

    Ba Den (Bà Đen) Mountain is 986 meters high. It is in a plain of Hoa Thanh (Hòa Thành) district - 10 kilometers from the southwest of Tay Ninh (Tây Ninh) town. From a distance, Ba Den looks like a broad-brimmed hat on a plain. There are a lot of ancient pagodas, beautiful, wild caves and many kinds of century-old tree.

    5 most attractive points to trekking in south Vietnam

    The access to the top of Ba Den Mountain is very bendy. There are also many beautiful sites. On the mountain, tourists have a chance to look at the panorama of this place and the surroundings. There is an altar of Ba Den  and a pagoda of Buddha. Behind the pagoda, there is an access to the statue of the Buddha attained Nirvana, to the wind cave, Son Than (Sơn Thần) (The god of the mountain) cavern with the Thien (Thiên) stone. 

    4. Chua Chan Mountain – Dong Nai Province

    5 most attractive points to trekking in south Vietnam

    Chua Chan Mountain (so-called Gia Ray Mountain or Gia Lao Mountain) is a charming famous landscape in Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.: Chua Chan Mountain is the second highest mountain of the South region and the Mekong Delta, with an altitude of 836 meters above sea level.

    Although it is not very high in comparison with other mountains in Vietnam, it is a rather charming and potential tourist attraction. Chua Chan Mountain is famous for the imposing shape, majestic scenery, and beautiful natural cave. Also, it has high, dangerous and sheer rocks and thick forest with thousands of plants and animals, waterfall pouring down all year round. Specially, at an altitude of 600 meters, Chua Chan Mountain has a holly pagoda- Buu Quang Pagoda (so-called Gia Lao Pagoda), which was built a long time ago. Every year, on Tet holiday or the full moon days of the lunar January, April, and July large crowds of pilgrims travel to the Pagoda, and Chua Chan Mountain has been chosen as a tourist destination by lots of people. 

    5. Ba Ra Mountain – Binh Phuoc Province:

    If you want a new destination for your weekend getaway, you are advised to give Ba Ra Mountain in Binh Phuoc Province a try.

    5 most attractive points to trekking in south Vietnam

    Ba Ra Mountain, known as the third highest mountain in the southern region, after Ba Den in Tay Ninh Province and Chua Chan in Dong Nai Province, is over 720 meters high. It lies in Phuoc Long Town, which is around 180 kilometers from HCMC, and is easily accessible by road.

    On the way to the mountain, visitors may enjoy traveling on the snaking road with vast rubber plantations on both sides. To reach the height of 700 meters, visitors can take a 15-minute cable car ride. However, it will be more fascinating to walk along the shady path and the steep stone stairway consisting of 1,767 steps leading to the top.

    The beautiful path, over seven kilometers long, is under the shades of many different trees, most of them bamboo. If you don’t mind having some workout, a walk would be a nice experience. Since there are few short breaks during the climb, it will take you just around 30 minutes to ascend from Bang Lang hill, where the stone staircase starts to the peak.

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