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    6 tips for a safe beach holidays in Vietnam

    In Viet Nam with many beautiful beaches. This is so good for beach holidays. During the sweltering days, there is nothing better than dipping yourself in the cool water of the beach to get away from the heat. And to help travelers to have a fun but still safe beach vacation, VietNam Typical Tours have some notes:
    6 tips for a safe beach holidays in Vietnam

    Choose the safe beach area

    For families going with children, ensuring child safety is always the paramount priority. It is needed to make sure children swim in the supervised area (an area with a flag). If an area does not have the flag safety, tourists should directly ask the lifeguards to know where a safe place is. In the situation that there are no safety zones or there are signs of the pollution due to the industrial wastes of the surrounding areas, it is highly recommended that tourists should go to another destination, no matter how beautiful or popular that place is.
    6 tips for a safe beach holidays in Vietnam

    Things to avoid

    In the days of blazing sun, people are advised to not having sun bath too long before getting into the water. The sunlight would be harmful for the skin as well as could make you catch a cold when suddenly from high temperature on a sunny beach switched to low temperature of the water environment.

    Tourists also should not take a bath in the wharf area or places where the ship anchors. These areas tend to have lots of the mollusks such as jellyfish; therefore, when bathing, tourists are vulnerable to jellyfish bites. If accidentally being bit by the jellyfish, travelers should immediately go to the coastline and rinse the skin with lime, then rinse with fresh water.

    6 tips for a safe beach holidays in Vietnam
    Also, travelers should pay attention to the weather forecast before the trip to avoid bathing in the rainy days and the big waves. Water coming from the upstream, the large surfs are extremely dangerous for tourists to swim. Observe carefully if the sea coast is unusually calm, and the water sprint away with many birds flying in crazy patterns, visitors need to shore immediately and look for the high and dry places.

    Should not for children in water  a long time

    For children or those who don't swim:

    Should wear  swimming life jackets  to safety when participating in recreational activities at sea.

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