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Tet 2018
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    Bac Me Lam Rice in Ha Giang

    When traveling to Ha Giang, you will have  opportunity to enjoy a dish that probably afetr enjoying it once you will never forget, it is Lam rice. Lam rice in Bac Me area is becoming a special characteristic of ethnic Tay in Ha Giang.
    Bac Me Lam Rice in Ha Giang

    Bac Me lam rice has become an unique dish of the Tay communities. The way to make this kind of lam rice is very simple. Glutinous rice is cleaned and filtered, mixed with salt and then put on a tube that is made of bamboo, along with water from a mineral stream. The cooking tube has one solid end and another end sealed by banana or phrynium leaves.  After this preparation, the tube is roasted on the fire or burning coal for about an hour, until the tasty smell of glutinous rice spreads widely over the pot. To eat this rice, the outer burned cover of the tube is removed with a knife to reveal the inner white cover, and after that, the white cover is also removed. Now the lam rice has a tube shape with a light membrane of bamboo around which adds an unique taste to the rice.

    The bamboo chosen should be fresh and young so that the new membrane inside the tube can wrap the rice, adding it a special flavor, fragrance and sweetness. To prepare the rice, first fill the tube with about 80% of rice and 10 % of water, in favor of water inherent in bamboo, then adding a little coconut water to make the rice more pleasant; wrap the tube with banana leaves and then burn it on fire until it smells pleasant. 
    Bac Me Lam Rice in Ha Giang
    When it is done, the singed skin of the bamboo is removed, leaving a thin cover that is also peeled away when you eat. Sniffing the blending fragrance of fresh bamboo, banana leave, and sticky rice as well as experiencing the sweet flavor of rice, bamboo, and coconut, and the greasy saltiness of sesame, or the great taste of grilled wild boar are certain to induce guests to fall in love with “cơm lam”. A tube of “cơm lam” plus fragrant grilled wild boar taken with a sip of “rượu cần” (literally “straw wine”) is enough for you fall in line with nature and people here.

    Lam rice can be enjoyed solely, or with sesame salt and roasted stream fishes. In the past, lam rice is mostly for women after they gave birth because the people believe that it will avoid the metal  to be immersed with the mother milk. Now anyone can taste this special dish that Ha Giang has to offer.

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