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Tet 2018
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    Bánh Tét - Essential to Tet in the South of Vietnam

    If Banh Chung – Banh Day is considered as a symbol for the North, Banh Tet is a unique dish for Southern people. Banh Tet, as well as its process from making to savoring, has been a significant activity that partially brings the warm Tet atmosphere of reunions among family members and neighbors when they sit together and share the taste of Banh Tet on the first day of New Year.

    Bánh Tét - Essential to Tet in the South of Vietnam

    The Tet cake is cylindrical, made with sticky rice and filled with pork fat and beans seasoned with black pepper and shallots. The cake is wrapped in banana leaves and as a result, the sticky rice takes on a pale green color and a slightly leafy taste. Even though the cake is available all year, it is still considered a New Year treat. 

    Local people of different regions can create ingredients to make perfect Tet cakes for themselves. Can Tho is famous for its unique Banh Tet La Cam - violet glutinous rice cake. This version of Tet cake has a lovely purple colour because the sticky rice is soaked in purple water extracted from the leaves of a magenta plant. Inside of the cake there are tasty ingredients such as beans, pork fat, dried shrimps and salted egg yolks. All are tightly wrapped in banana leaves and cooked for hours. 

    Bánh Tét - Essential to Tet in the South of Vietnam

    The process of making Tet cake is time consuming, thus providing an opportunity for family members to bond and come together to celebrate the holiday spirit. 

    Presently, Tet cakes have become popular with people in other regions as they are sold on the market shelves in many localities across the country.

    If you want to feel how amazing feeling in Tet Holiday of Vietnamese people, you should not miss one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes like this cakes for your family. If you do want to cook, please follow our instruction below carefully.


    2kg sticky rice
    Banana leaves
    Bamboo rope.
    700gr Mung bean (no cover)
    800gr half lean half fat pork meat
    Purple onion, pepper, salt, Maggi’s stuff.


    Step 1: Choose banana leave have a large width. Clean carefully, dry in the sun in 1  - 2 hours.

    Step 2: Clean sticky rice in water added a little salt. Soak in 1 night and then add a little salt, mix well.

    Step 3: Soak mung bean in water until they are soft. Bring to steam and then mix with fried purple onion + vegetable oil + salt + pepper and Maggi’s stuff.

    Step 4: Clean pork meat with water added a little salt. Slice into long pieces.

    Step 5: Cut banana leaves into 40*40cm shapes.

    Step 6: Put 2 leaves across and 2 leaves along together. Put the larger leaves in the middle.

    Step 7: Pour sticky rice in the middle of leaves. Spread gently along. Next, add more mung bean and pork meat on center.

    Step 8: Pull one leaf in along edge up, pour more sticky rice to cover the filling. Next, fold 2 edges and roll into circle shape. Roll firmly and use bamboo rope to tie on the middle of cake.

    Step 9: Continue to fold another edge of cake and put the cake stand up. Press all ingredients inside to stick together firmly. Fold the last edge and continue to tie them by bamboo rope. You can look the photo below to see its process.

    Step 10: Add some banana leaves in the bottom of pot, arrange Bánh Tét into pot and pour water to cover all them. Cook in 5 - 6 hours (for 7 – 10 Bánh Tét). Follow this process carefully, when water nearly run out, ad more hot water if not you can not create one of stunning Vietnamse Food Recipes for Tet Holiday.

    Bánh Tét - Essential to Tet in the South of Vietnam

    Bánh Tét - Essential to Tet in the South of Vietnam

    Finally, your dish is basically finished. When Bánh Tét is cooked, put them on basket and wait to dry. Banh Tet is often eaten with cu cai muoi, cu cai nuoc mam (turnip pickles, turnip fishsauce pickles) and thit kho nuoc cot dua (pork cooked with coconut juice). Banh Tet can be stocked in the refrigerator during Tet. Whenever you want, you can steam it to reheat it or fry it in a pan to change the taste. Some people put some powder covering Banh Tet and fry it which makes it crispy and even tastier.

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