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    Coc San caves system in Sapa – Masterpiece of nature

    Sapa, a mountainous village surrounded by the vast mountain ranges, lush foliage, and terraced rice paddy fields, is the darling of domestic and international visitors. Coming to Sapa, visitors will from surprise to surprise at the marvelous beauty of “the cloudy town”. Moreover, besides a lot of attractive spots in Sapa, there are many pristine and beautiful places in the town’s neighboring areas and some haven’t become touristy yet, which can be ideal destinations for visitors who truly desire for tranquility and peacefulness. Among these destinations, Coc San is absolutely worth a visit.

    Coc San caves system in Sapa – Masterpiece of nature
    Located in Coc San Commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai City and about 7km, Coc San is a system of caves and waterfalls of different size. From Highway 4D, there is a small dirt road about 1km long lead in Coc San. San Road in Bangkok is very tortuous, and be filled up by the rocks, the beauty of San cup is entirely natural, unspoiled. There’s something very special in each chassis is virtually a waterfall, then pour water from the top down to a cave. Coc San harmonious scenery and spacious. People come here each has felt magical mystery exuding from the waterfall, the rocks and caves tissue. Coc San is a group consisting of many wonderful waterfalls and caves with different size, so you can call it Coc San caves and Coc San waterfalls. 

    Coc San caves system in Sapa – Masterpiece of nature
    Originated from Hoang Lien Son Mountain, Coc San Stream is the source of water for a dozen of waterfalls with different sizes. Among these waterfalls, the highest and the most beautiful waterfall is Ba Sam Waterfall, which divides the water flow into 3 branches pouring down strongly day in day out.  Standing from 300 m afar, you can hear the sound of water, and start feeling the coolness in the air, which is evaporated from many waterfalls.  Wandering around the stream sides, visitors will come across several rock fields, which consist of many big and small flat rocks. Sitting on a rock, then putting your feet into the water while seeing the nature surrounding you is the way you appreciate what nature has brought to you. In addition, you can also see a plenty of fish swimming around the stream. If catching fish from a stream is on your bucket list, then go ahead and catch one. However, it is not easy to catch a fish there even you are allowed to do so. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to give a try.

    Discovering the caves, you will have chance to admire many stalactites with many shape and size. The air in the cave is very cool and peace. It is best place to escape the hit and bustle of city. In summer and fall, a lot of tourists come to Coc San to visit the scenery, take pictures, and take bath in cool blue water. 

    Especially, standing on top of the mountain you can see panoramic view of prosperous, peaceful Coc San in season of ripe paddy. Behind the Cao Son mountain sides, there is an amazing natural sense appearing as an ancient painting. It is also an ideal place for tourist to delight watching the sunrise in highlands with amazing images picture of red sun slowly go up on mountains, looks like as “place Elysium”.

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