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    Da Lat and Sa Pa named among best new destinations in Asia

    The world famous travel site TripAdvisor has listed two Vietnamese famous landscapes, Da Lat and Sapa, among the Top 10 Destinations on the Rise in Asia in 2016. The Travelers’ Choice awards for Destinations on the Rise has been released, based on millions of travelers’ review ratings for accommodation, restaurants, and attractions on TripAdvisor, with an increase in booking interest in over 43 selected destinations around the world. Located at 1,500 meters above sea level in Vietnam’s central highlands, Da Lat came in at Number 4 and Sapa, in the northern mountains, at Number 6 in the Top 10 list.

    Ranked at 4th, Da Lat was introduced as a town full of beautiful French-era buildings and surrounded by pine trees and farms growing exotic vegetables and flowers. This is an ideal destination for tourists to spend a few days of their vacation. Dalat looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. Many of its hotels and houses were built in a French style during the French colonization. There are many places for tourists interested in architecture to visit, such as Dalat Railway Station, designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron, or Hang Nga guest house, a.k.a ‘Crazy house’ which is also an interesting place to stay.

    Da Lat and Sa Pa named among best new destinations in Asia

    The climate in Dalat is often called ‘Eternal Spring’ for its pleasantly warm temperatures during the day and quite cool at night, down to perhaps 10oC. Due to its favorable weather, Dalat is a supplier of temperate produce for all over Vietnam, for example, cabbage and cauliflower. Also, it has a nickname ‘City of Flowers’. Its flower industry is highly developed and famous for two typical flowers: hydrangea  and golden everlasting.

    Da Lat and Sa Pa named among best new destinations in Asia

    Apart from architectural places of interest, Dalat also has lots of beautiful sites such as Xuan Huong Lake – center of town, Lake of Sorrow (Lake of Sighs) – 5km Northeast of town on Ho Xuan Huong Road, Valley of Love – Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Lang Biang Mountain – has a 1900m peak, ideal for a 3-hour hike, Prenn Falls – 10km outside the town, Pongour Falls – one of the largest and widest waterfalls in Vietnam, 30km south of town on highway 20, etc.
    Tourists arriving in Dalat can enjoy the atmosphere of Vietnamese markets by visiting Dalat market, which is full of local specialties such as strawberry jam, dried fruits, avocado, artichoke.

    And in January, the New York Times also recommended Da Lat among 52 places to go in 2016, describing it as “an agricultural El Dorado” with unique scenes of pine forests, locally grown avocados, and artichoke tea. Tourists are recommended to visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, an intricate structure built in 1950 with ceilings, walls and installations made from millions of pieces of broken glass, terracotta and beer bottles, Truc Lam Zen Buddhist Temple, and the roaring Elephant Falls, where they can have adventures with rafting, mountain biking and canoeing.

    Meanwhile, placing Sa Pa at sixth place on the list, experts of the site said that the northern market town of Sa Pa is colourful and charming, providing the perfect oasis in the midst of a mountain trek or rice-paddy tour.
    Da Lat and Sa Pa named among best new destinations in Asia

    Sapa tours are the best choice to discovery Vietnam natural. Sapa is one of the most ideal destination for every travel enthusiast, learn about cultural local. Located in Lao Cai province, 350 km from Hanoi, close to the border with China, Sapa is famous for wonderful climate, cool in summer, foggy and cold in winter with occasional snowfall. This is home to stunning mountain landscapes, verdant rice terraces, unique stilt villages and Indochina peak, the Fansipan. Moreover, Sapa is home to a great diversity of ethnic minority people. Travellers are invited to enjoy the best of Sapa all the year round with different taste of seasons and exciting outdoors.

    Da Lat and Sa Pa named among best new destinations in Asia

    Beside, Sapa is voted to be the best trekking spot in Vietnam, by both natives and foreigners. The whole district is dominated by The Hoang Lien Son mountain range, which also includes Mt. Fan Si Pan- the highest peak in Vietnam and the entire Indochina peninsula with the height of 3143m. This mount is not only a tough challenge to trekking enthusiasts but also an opportunity to witness the splendid mountainous vista. The scenery of the Sapa region represents a harmonious relationship between the minority people and nature, which can be seen perceptibly in the paddy fields carpeting the rolling lower slopes of the Hoang Lien Mountains. It was the elements wearing away the underlying rock over thousands of years that created this impressive physical landscape. The geographical location of the area makes it a truly unique place for a rich variety of plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects, some of them can only be found in northwestern Vietnam.

    And you, Will you come to Vietnam to explore these two tourist destinations? 

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