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    Ha Noi fresh beer (Bia Hơi Hà Nội) - popular drinks in Hanoi

    Hanoi is a famous destination with Hanoi Beer beacause Bia hoi or ‘fresh beer’ is the Hanoi’s drink of choice — for locals and visitors alike. Bia Hoi Ha Noi is a classic Vietnamese beer garden, perfect for late sunny afternoons. Bia hoi is a special type of homemade beer, unpreserved, brewed daily and delivered in kegs to local businesses. Unlike canned or bottled beer, bia hoi should be consumed the day after it leaves the factory. 

    Ha Noi fresh beer (Bia Hơi Hà Nội)
    The history of ‘bia hoi’: Bia hoi’s origin dates back to the 1890s, after brewing was introduced by the French (LivingIf, 2011). Back then, just one place – The Hommel brewery – brewed beer. It was very small and only capable of to producing 150 liters a day. The beer was so expensive, and hence, it was only for the wealthy people.

    After the French left Vietnam in 1954, the Hommel brewery was renamed as Hanoi Brewery (LivingIf, 2011). It actually took a while for this refreshing carbonated beverage to become popular, until the brewery hit on the novel idea of producing an instant draught beer known as ‘bia hoi’, literally translated as “fresh beer” or ‘gas beer’. Nevertheless, the locals still preferred the traditional Vietnamese rice wine. After the government restricted home production of spirits, people began to accept this legal alternative ‘bia hoi’ as a refreshing, low-alcohol summer drink. Bia hoi shops are now very popular and seen as one of the long-lasting images of the Northern Vietnamese culture. 

    Ha Noi fresh beer (Bia Hơi Hà Nội)

    In Ha Noi, its popularity is explained by its taste. Lightly carbonated with a fine white head that quickly disappears, the light golden brew is clear, crisp and clean to taste. The thirst-quenching beer is so easily quaffed because it’s so low in alcohol — just 2.5-4.5%. And  its price — the dirt-cheap brew was selling for about 8,000 Vietnamese Dong or under 40 US cents a glass .

    Food along with beer, such as: aromatic peanuts, fermented sausage neatly wrapped in banana leaves, grilled dried squid, hot cheese sticks and French fries sprinkled with sugar... or the fried tofu is accompanied by a mountain of fresh basil leaves and a tiny dish of pepper and salt (or just pepper) and quarters of lemon. You need to squeeze the juice of the lemon into the tiny dish, mix it up, and dip in the tofu. You have to eat it while it’s hot. It’s sublime — as are the plates of grilled pork ribs and morning glory with garlic. And nothing better than to sip beer, talk with friends, their loved ones.

    Where to drink Bia Hoi Hanoi
    Ta Hien, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Bia Hoi Thien Nga: 86 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi
    Ngoc Ha Bia Hoi: 19C Ngoc Ha Street, Ha Noi.
    Bia Hoi Cuong Hoi 264 ThuyKhue Street, Hanoi

    Tips: One of the problems with Ta Hien street is that it is opened in the early afternoon and seem to run out of bia hoi only 4 or 5 hours later, you can be informed that no beer is available.
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