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    Mau Son Mountain - the roof of the Northeastern Vietnam

    Mau Son is featured with the wind whistling up and the cloud floating down. Standing at the highest peak of Mau Son Mountain, tourists in Vietnam travel will have a wonderful panoramic view of Lang Son region which is like a Chinese ink drawing. In addition, you will have a chance to join the local daily life and culture of ethnic minorities here.

    Mau Son Mountain -  the roof of the Northeastern Vietnam

    Only 30km away from the center of Lang Son City, Mau Son Mountain is located in Loc Binh District, Lang Son Province. Mau Son is considered the roof of the Northeastern Vietnam where has Mau Son Mount that people are always eager to conquer for even one time. It is border and also the harmony of sky and land, mountains and clouds, the convergence of the cultural characters of the nation which  has undergone through several centuries but still strongly survive till these days.

    Mau Son Mountain -  the roof of the Northeastern Vietnam

    Mau Son mountain is surrounded by hundreds of small mountains. Climate is temperate. In winter, temperatures in Mau Son may be down below zero and snow, ice rain appear. So, Mau Son is well-known under another name “snow kingdom”. The average temperature here is 15.5 ° C, the mount is covered by clouds all year round. In summer, sunlight brilliantly shines everywhere and more surprisingly in the spring, the land is painted with red of cherry blossom and other colorful flowers.

    At the height of 1600 meter above sea level,  in the past, people can only get to the top of Mau Son Mountain by either walking or riding a horse. Now, Conquer Mau Son is desire of many young people. From Hanoi capital city, you can take a car from Gia Lam station or ride motorbikes with a group of friends to Mau Son.

    Mau Son Mountain -  the roof of the Northeastern Vietnam

    If you want to explore the quiet wild and rather sad appearance of the nature. Mau Son would be a great choice. Taking with you a camera, you can have yourself unique photos on the road. Beside, Mau Son is famous for snow tea, six spurs chicken, incense frogs, forest limes, Mau Son wine … Mau Son’s peaches are big and  sweet. This place also has a delicious kind of tea called snow tea. Mau Son fragrant wine is brewed with some special herbs being found only in Mau Son. Coming to Mau Son, you will not only enjoy the scenery, the fresh air, but also  immerse in the simple life with the culture of the ethnic minorities here. 

    And if you decide to overnight in Mau Son, you can relax and soak in the bath with drugs leaves of the Dao ethnic and have a dinner with San Tuyet tea. You can also buy several piles of wood to have a warm campfire. In the middle of the wild nature and the cold of mountain wind, drinking Mau Son wine brewed  from streams water and traditional medicine and seeing the warm flames will bring you the unforgetable gentle moments.

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