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    Moc Chau - destination for those who love natural landscape

    Moc Chau Plateau lies in a temperate climate region, with average summer temperatures of 20°C, covers an area of 1,600 hectares of prairie, where visitors feel at ease and close to nature when viewing farms of tea trees, paddy fields and vast areas of grass.  It is considered as the Da Lat of the North and very  attractive to those who want enjoying the cool and natural fresh air.

    The plateau, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, has much to offer lovers of natural beauty and traditions of ethnic groups such as Dao, Thai, Mong, Kho Mu and Xinh Mun.

    Moc Chau - destination for those who love natural landscape

    From Hanoi, travel southwest to Hoa Binh and then take National Road 6 west to Moc Chau. Before reaching Long Luong, which the government has plans to turn into a major tourist destination, is at the center of Moc Chau District, where the road runs through vast forests of tea plants at the foot of the mountains, travellers began to see vegetables and fruit orchards spliced between crop fields and glimmering in the spring sunshine. Every once in a while large mountains along the road would be separated by fields of flowers.

    Moc Chau Plateau is suitable for those who love natural landscape.Moc Chau tourism complex includes scenic spots such as the Son Moc. Huong (double), a beautiful cave with sparkling stalactites range seven rainbow colors. Strip Flap Waterfalls with two cascade down to a height of 100m. Phieng Luong Peak of cloud cover throughout the year, Ban Mong peaceful, ancient pagodas List, Lake Pioneer, pure or participate in the festival of H''mong, Dao Van Ho.

    Besides landscapes, you will have the opportunity to soak up the peaceful picture, watching the white plum blossoms sky, the eyes clear, honest smile or night to indulge in the air raw meat baking, wine, the dance spread, feeling the cold of the mountains.

    Also, from Moc Chau you can follow the road south about 40 miles to come to Xuan Nha natural reserve - Sop Cop or gate Pa Hang to Hua Phan (Laos).

    Especially comning here,minority groups greet visitors by staging a score of their traditional welcome dances. Among the popular are the xoe dance of the Thai people and khen dance of the Mong group.

    Moc Chau is also known for its tasty buffalo jerk, fried fish and boiled bamboo shoots which are not bitter like bamboo elsewhere. One more thing visitors should not miss is to drink fresh hot milk.

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