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    "Pandan Loop Village" - Com lang vong in Hanoi

    Arrive in Hanoi, nobody remembered something tasty popular gifts, the gifts of young rice. The thing has a rustic gift ethereal medium which is called "Pandan Loop Village".

    Pandan Loop Village is a culinary specialty of Vietnam in general and is a famous specialty in most classes of Hanoi in particular. This is a typical product of Vong village (also known as the village of Hau) is now Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Speaking to Hanoi specialties and traditional dishes of the Ha Thanh, the first to speak to Pandan Loop Village.

    "Pandan Loop Village" - Com lang vong in Hanoi
    Pandan Loop Village is produced from young sticky rice and through many stages with different steps from the small glutinous rice harvest time until finished. Round village cereal raw materials are non sticky rice: There are many kinds of sticky rice as rice cereal may pay phoenix, fragrant glutinous rice, sticky tan, sticky tangerine, flowers sticky, but sticky rice into the yellow flowers perfumed Special delicious

    For people of  the village Vong, Making Com is not simple. Method of communication is always confidential: only the parents transmitted to the son, not to most people for the daughter because when you go get her husband’s daughter will bring method to cook the other. So, talk about how nuggets, of course is very much known country but admittedly do not have where to do plastic and delicious cereal grain in the village of Round. The village of Round as nuggets abound. First they grow rice, wheat meniscus wait until tops, milk still reap brought as nuggets. Rice cereal is not for you or dams that must plucking. Then the pot roast. Fried nuggets done to bring immediately retire, not so cool. During the farewell to be technical, not too aggressive pounding cereal will decay. As always hand pounding the island nuggets from the top down, bottom up for them. Farewell to about 10 times, bringing bright nuggets go and watch, and then put on the lotus leaf. I wonder why do they use to store cereal leaf? Perhaps things had to be pure gift wrapped in the leaves of flowers, "clean", "close but no stinking mud", then see all the implications of it. Although it is only by inference, but fact nuggets wrapped in fragrant and tastier leaf when leaves us with something different package.
    "Pandan Loop Village" - Com lang vong in Hanoi

    As for what other gifts, ancient cereal is made with the original meaning is Seu festival gift, several gifts. He was then about the old bridegroom wants to please her parents immediately as nuggets brought courtesy. Gradually discovers things elegant and pure gifts that are suitable for the job so people do rituals for worshiping ancestors nuggets, pagodas and used in weddings of people ask Beijing.

    Pandan Loop is so, Hanoi is so, not only new village Hanoi Round nuggets, but nowhere can create highly flavored cereal bars, soft like this place. Pandan Loop, a culture of Hanoi thousand years of civilization.

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