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    The Cham Islands – A Tourist Place Without Plastic Bags

    Cham island off Hoi An in central Vietnam has been a popular destination as its wild and peaceful nature offers just what people need after a tour of nostalgia through the ancient town.

    The island is the biggest in a group of islands 15 kilometers off Cua Dai in Hoi An, and is known for its long white sandy coast, clean beaches and arguably the freshest and cheapest seafood in the country.

    The Cham Islands – A Tourist Place Without Plastic Bags

    Cu Lao Cham Islands’ ancient landscape offers many sand beaches, forested hills and the sea. Facilities for camping, swimming and scuba diving are available. The corals and marine life are an attraction in these island waters. With its 165 hectares (410 acres) of coral and sea creatures, the island is known as a “kingdom of aquatic animals”. The coral species identified are 135. Dive sites around the islands range from coral gardens and reefs, wild rock formations and underwater pinnacles. This makes it perfect for a variety of dive styles to suit all levels of diving.

    The Cham Islands – A Tourist Place Without Plastic Bags

    Besides the majestic beauty of the mountains and poetic blue sea, the island also has cultural history relics. These monuments like pagoda, old Cham wells, and ancestor shows the strong development of the historical and cultural sections of the Cham people and the Vietnamese people during thousand years ago.

    Cham islands is widely known as a tourist place without plastic bags, in the mid-2009, the residents of Cham islands implemented seriously instruction of Hoi An city about campaign of no-plastic bags as well as environmental sanitation. Cham islands are recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve in 2009. And hoping that despite all the changes of the market mechanism and time, Cham islands are still wonderful both natural scenery and human nature. So, go to Cham Island, visitors are not allowed to take plastic bags to protect the ecological environment. 

    Was this perhaps is one reason you should explore this island?

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