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    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    Traveling,  anybody also have need shopping . Buy gift make a souvenir, buy gifts to give to friends and relatives... Today VietNam Typical Tours will introduce you to the 10 most famous night market must come when traveling in Vietnam.

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    1. Hanoi Old Quarter night market

    The street night market is a tourism landmark, and visitors can enjoy eating snacks and shopping at the same time with grocery stores and food stalls sitting alongside clothing and handicraft shops. The market is at the heart of the most densely populated residential area, so it is not only popular to tourists but also among local people who drop by the market after work for cheap eats. The night market in the Hanoi Old Quarter opens on the evening of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 18h to 23h. Hundreds of stalls are placed along the roads of Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Giay streets. The market is most crowded from 8pm to 10pm.

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    2. Halong Night Market, Quảng Ninh

    The night market is located in the center of Halong city, near the beach. With the good location Halong night market attracts many travelers here when they join Halong Bay tour. Ha Long night market is a collection of open air stalls that sell a wide range of traditional Vietnamese souvenirs like laquerware, chopsticks, and trinklets and Ha Long specialities. The market opens from 6pm until late night.

    3. Quang Ba Night Flower Market, Ha Noi

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    Quang Ba is by far the biggest flower market in Hanoi. The largest night flower market in Hanoi opens from midnight to 3am – 4am and from the early morning until midnight during the time before the new year festival. 

    4. Hoi An Night Market, Quang Nam

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    Hoi An Night Market at Nguyễn Hoàng street, Hoi An town, Quang Nam. It is no coincidence thất Hoi An was named one of the 20 coolest “nightlife” cities on the planet. Hoi An is totally different when night falls. The night market is open from around 5 p.m. through 11 p.m. Visitors who are not really into their shopping can enjoy a nighttime stroll instead along the Hoài River under colorful lanterns. 

    5. Nha Trang Night Market

    Nha Trang Night Market is located on the pedestrian street next to the cultural center 46 Tran Phu. The market is a unique design, with only 137m length, but has rustic and idyllic features of athe beach city of Nha Trang. It encompassing more than 100 stalls selling and introducing indigenous products, and local culture through traditional food.

    6. Da Lat Night Market

    Visiting Da Lat, travelers usually mention Da Lat Hell market as a beautiful sight at night. Stepping on a slope at the beginning of the market, visitors will see small shops or trolleys with white spiraling smoke. Da Lat Night Market - Visitors can find random shirts and warm clothes at the market with  reasonable price, but it's really a place for foodies with a wide choice on the menu such as warm fresh soymilk and artichoke tea, sweet tofu in ginger sauce, grilled scallops, chicken porridge, steamed corn and the banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper), especially with cheese. And people sometimes just walk around without shopping to feel relaxed and comfortable.

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    7. Phan Thiet Night Market

    Located on Nguyen Phuc Nguyen and Nguyen Gia Tu streets, the market has more than 170 stalls that sell goods such as souvenirs, handicrafts and food between 5pm and 10 pm every day.

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    8. Ben Thanh Night Market, Ho Chi Minh

    The outdoor night market is completely different from the day market. Ben Thanh Market, located in central Ho Chi Minh City. It is a famous place for long-time residents of HCM City as well as visitors to the country’s most bustling hub. Ben Thanh Market offers visitors all they need such as clothes, footwear, accessories, jewelry, hardware, pet services, crafts, flowers, spices, nuts, food and restaurants. In the market you can find everything from food to all kinds of Vietnam souvenirs symbolic of all regions of the country.

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    9. Phu Quoc Night Market

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    Dinh Cau Night Market is 500 meters long with about 50 food stalls serving a wide range of Vietnamese seafood. It is a great place for anyone who wants to go out for late dining. Lonely Planet advised foreign tourists that food quality is “a mixed bag” so they should look for a local crowd of discerning customers.

    10.Tay Do night market in Can Tho

    Top famous night markets in Vietnam

    To get a taste of the Mekong Delta, head out on a night market snacking excursion in Can Tho, which is known as “the capital of south-western provinces”. Guests to the market can buy fresh jackfruits, durians, mangoes, coconuts and many other specialities in the region.

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