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Tet 2018
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    Traveling Sapa with specialties: Medicinal bathing of the Red Dao in Ta Phin.

    Sapa is not only tourist attraction by ravishing landscape, brocade brilliant, or the unique traditions, but also by medicinal bathing services of the Red Dao. This is not merely a method of health care, but also a constituent element of cultural identity of the Red Dao.

    Legend has it that on the last day of the year the Dao boiled leaves from the forest for medicinal bathing before welcoming the new year. And whenever work more, feel the body tired, the weather changes, headache, walk long road, leg pain, hand pain ...all of which can "medicinal bathing" . Very old tradition was preserved until now. As this practice proves both effective and salubrious, so a majority of Kinh people have considered it a unique feature of Red Dao culture. 

    Medicines in the Red Dao bath at Ta Phin have more species of the  medicines  than   medicines of other Dao group. Each barrel of water usually contains at least 10 types of herbs, even up to 120.  And there are two types of bathrooms: a single for one wishing to bathe alone and a double for couples to share. Every bathroom has a wardrobe to keep personal belongings and visitors feel quite relaxed to bathe in the typical wooden tubs filled with hot water and the aromatic smell of different herbs.

    Depending on the amount of water bath to balance of medicines  which more or less. The drug is boiled continuously for 3-4 hours, the juice of red-brown stuff smells fragrant. This juice is mixed with warm water at the rate of 2-98% of bathing water. Bath water temperature must be kept at 30-37 degrees Celsius, the effective new. Medicinal bathing time: about 25-30 minutes for healthy people, the sick should only bath about 15-20 minutes. Soak in the tub, breathing the warm water vapor with  the scent of herbs, you will feel  your body "relaxing" a refreshing way.

    Medicinal bathing of people Red Dao in Ta Phin had many uses for treatment of rheumatism, bone and joint pain, muscle fatigue, sciatica, chill, skin diseases, or to heal hard workers, walk long  ... In particular, women bathing tobacco chestnut skin will be smooth, blood circulation.

    With many useful  and as a unique culture, causing tourists to Ta Phin are eager to enjoy the services of bathing tobacco Red Dao people. In the small room, hot water vapor emanating from the timber tank, mingled with the scent of herbs make up feeling very refreshed and comfortable.

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