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    Unique architecture of Dong Van

    The charm of Ha Giang is not limited to its beautiful fields of buckwheat flowers, its breathtaking roads, and authentic ethnic markets. Ha Giang province is also home to amazing architectural treasures. 

    Nearly a century ago, on the rocky plateau of Dong Van (Ha Giang), the leader who built a mansion cat is both a shelter, work, and who is capable of fighting. Mansion they Vuong is interesting stopover visit rocky plateau. The area is 1120 m2 mansion built in Sa Phin valley (Dong Van, Ha Giang). Both sides of the road leading into the pine trees United is vertical, green year round. The pine trees were brought from China, growing outside the wall. 

    Unique architecture of Dong Van 1

    Around the house is surrounded by United 2nd round stone wall, about 3 meters high, with the crenellated.

    Unique architecture of Dong Van 2

    Including the stone walls close together, in a circle surrounding the premises. The stone walls are characteristic of the Hmong ethnic minority culture in Ha Giang.

    Unique architecture of Dong Van 3

    Entrance to the King's stone steps includes 15 large stones, square, carved various patterns.

    Gates for curved, meandering with bat wings - the symbol for the word "happiness". Wooden porticoes exquisitely carved, with various patterns. After nearly 100 years, the details are chiseled slim has not rotted.

    Before the hanging horizontal image of four letters Minutes Main Kha Phong, can be understood as ordained to rule the frontier region.

    House was built by King bluestone materials, wood and terracotta tiles. The house is divided into pre-nutrition, nutrition and post-secondary residence outhouse with 4, 6 houses down. All of them are 2-storey building, with a total of 64 suites.

    House built gradually from outside to inside, taking nutrition area has a higher rear main entrance to the house about 10 meters. Between the huts are open courtyard, paved with stone slabs.

    According to calculations of the home, the room in the first level devoted to family, local troops. The 2nd level is home to three wives, the children, the servant. 3rd level is the guest rooms and work desks Germany Vuong Chinh - owner of the house. It was here, he was German or discuss criminal justice missions major drug traffickers.

    The campus also includes nutritional food warehouses, warehouses opium, arsenal. Roof systems stacked, characterized Qing Dynasty architecture, China.

    Ever since this building, particularly the German United calculate it is a fortress, able to defend and fight, withstand time, nature. The house is built of stone eternal green, very hard rocky pine and good anti-termite.

    Pine doors, carved a unique pattern. In addition to training the flowers, visible on each door is a large poppy flower.

    Miss palace is adjacent to two bunkers, containing gunpowder. Two bunkers built of bluestone, 3 stories high, including a bedroom floor of Vuong Chinh Duc in the rear united palace.

    In addition to the main system, there are a number of separate buildings such as toilets, sheds, barn, stables. In particular, there is a large tank Wang, volume 300 m3, enough rainwater for all seasons.

    Today, the King became the tourist attraction can not ignore those who love the land of Ha Giang, the first place of the country.
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