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    Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh Xèo)

    Vietnamese Pancake is one of many Vietnamese traditional delicacies that tourists esp, from Japan, Korea, Taiwan want to try during their come in Vietnam. It probably originated from Mekong Delta. But at the same time we have many variations in each area. In north some other ingredients has been added or in central, bánh xèo is smaller, especially in Huế - bánh xèo has another name, much smaller and served with different dipping sauce! 

     Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh Xèo)

    Ingredients to make Banh Xeo filling: Made from rice flour mixed with water and coconut cream sauce, the yellow comes from turmeric powder! The filling is usually made from fresh shrimp, pork belly, bean sprouts, peeled green bean, mushroom (fresh or dried), carrot (optional).

    Vietnamese Pancake is a special cake which must be tasted by 5 senses. The eyes are used to see how it’s made and its beautiful yellow color when it’s ready. The cook must be patient because he has to sit or stand to make one by one Vietnamese Pancake by a big pan on fire. Don’t forget to smell when the cook open the lid. The crepe is served on a plate with assorted herbs, pickled carrot and dipping fish sauce. The dinner will use his fingers to wrap a piece of Banh Xeo and fillings in rice paper or bean leaf with other herbs. It’s time to dip the roll in the fish sauce dip and tuck in. You will use your tongue to feel the amazing taste of this food.

    Where to eat best Banh Xeo in Vietnam?

     Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh Xèo)

    1. Ho Chi Minh city:
    Vietnamese Pancake Muoi Xiem at 225-227 Nguyen Trai street, District 1
    Vietnamese Pancake An La Ghien at 74 Suong Nguyet Anh street, District 1
    Vietnamese Pancake at 46A Đinh Cong Trang Street, District 1
    Ngoc Son restaurant at 103 Ngo Quyen Street, District 5

    2. Hue city:
    Banh Khoai Lac Thien at 6 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hue city
    Banh Khoai Hanh at 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue city
    Banh Khoai Hong Mai at 78 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hue city

    3. Hanoi
    Banh Xeo Doi Can – 166B Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District
    Banh Xeo Hang Bo – 22 Hang Bo Street, Hoan Kiem District
    Banh Xeo Nguyen Cong Tru at Nguyen Cong Tru market, Hai Ba Trung District
    Banh Xeo Ta Quang Buu – 107 ES Ta Quang Buu Street, Hai Ba Trung District

    I think you also can make. Not so difficult to prepare bánh xèo at home, nowadays we can buy a pack of bánh xèo mix powder from supermarket. Bring it home and mix with coconut cream sauce, water, then when we fry, add whatever we want - shrimp, pork! Don't miss the sound that became the name of this glorious speciality. 

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