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    Where to go while in Ha Giang ?

    Ha Giang, the land where the first national address is always one of the destinations attract many tourists both domestic and foreign. So if you have time to explore all of Ha Giang you will go the point. The following article will provide the main attractions when you need to explore in Ha Giang.

    1. Market at Meo Vac

    Meo Vac Market is located in a mountain valley peer, from hundreds of years, the market is open on Sunday every week. This market is the convergence of the elite minority cultural rocky highlands of Ha Giang. It is embodied in the uniqueness it difficult to mix with any public market, attracting hundreds of local and foreign tourists to visit. It is an indispensable point of Ha Giang Tours.

    Where to go while in Ha Giang ?

    2. Lung Cu flagpole

    Lung Cu flagpole flagpole is a country located on the top of Lung Cu mountain also known as the Rong mountain( Long Son), 23 ° 21'49 coordinates '' north latitude, 105 ° 18'58 '' east longitude, where Vietnam northernmost point. 

    From Ha Giang town, along Highway 4C upward about 160km northeast, visitors will reach Dong Van commune, Dong Van District. From here, continue down the asphalt road linking the Lung Cu Commune - Dong Van is about 40km, you will reach the top of Lung Cu. If travelers conquered 286 stone steps to a height of 1700m, visitors will set foot on the top of Lung Cu, stand under the red flag with yellow star flying Fluttering. And people often called Lung Cu flagpole.

    Where to go while in Ha Giang ?

    3. Tam Son Valley

    Like many other highland districts of Ha Giang, Quan Ba complex terrain, high mountains, deep gorges, many rivers divide ... Quan Ba district was concentrated ethnic groups with 14 people minorities. Blessed for Quan Ba many attractions, but Tam Son Valley is the most typical.

    The miracle that the Creator has given Tam Son is 2 contiguous mountain shaped like rounded breasts of the girl, known as the Double Mountain or Mount Co Tien. Double Mountain, along with 3 mountain (Tam Son) in the heart of the valley is formed by the movement of the continental shelf paints earth's crust, the rupture of the limestone around 400 million years ago.

    Coming to Tam Son, you will feel a peaceful atmosphere, as well as where natural beauty mingles with the beauty of human life here
    Where to go while in Ha Giang ?

    4. Ma Pi Leng Pass

    Located on the road connecting the town of Happiness Dong Van and Meo Vac. Ma Pi Leng is the name of providing the most treacherous mountain pass in Vietnam, located of Ha Giang with approximately 20 km in length.

    For visitors, Ma Pi Leng Pass has become a destination not to be missed in the tourist routes Dong Van Plateau, by a sense of psychedelic and scenery on the pass will bewitching anyone who has the opportunity to admire, discover. It also was named the most majestic canyon area in Southeast Asia.

    Where to go while in Ha Giang ?

    5. The residence of the Vuong family

    Coming to Dong Van Plateau, visitors will see firsthand The residence of the Vuong family in Sa Phin commune (Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province) was built in the style of the Qing (China), is a sophisticated architecture with unique patterns.

    Today, the residence of the Vuong family was state architectural vestige national art, annually attracts lot of tourists to visit tourist.

    Where to go while in Ha Giang ?

    Upon arrival in Ha Giang will unfortunately if you not come to these locations. And if you want to Ha Giang to discover these locations,  please book: 

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