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Tet 2018
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    Yellow Apricot Flower (Hoa Mai)

    Tet holidays are the days of relaxation, happiness and joy. And similar to pine tree for Christmas holiday in the West, Vietnamese also use many kinds of flowers and plants to decorate their house in this special period.

    If the peach flower is the symbol of Tet in the north, then the yellow apricot flower is its counterpart in the South. The yellow apricot flower belongs to the family of hoang mai (meaning “yellow apricot” in Chinese), which is a forest plant. 
    Yellow Apricot Flower (Hoa Mai)

    There are reasons for Vietnamese choosing the yellow apricot flower as a decorated item in our house in Tet Holidays. The image of a blooming yellow apricot flower in the beginning moments of spring after suffering from severe weather reminds of Vietnam people’s beautifully graceful spirit in work and fights through many generations. This flower metaphors for the ability of understanding moral of Vietnamese in meditated poems in Lý, Trần dynasty.

    Yellow Apricot Flower (Hoa Mai)
    The yellow apricot flower has a tight attach with Vietnam’s village, Vietnam people since the ancestors exploited and broadened land. This flower goes through tough weather then bloom in Tet Holidays, symbolized for Vietnamese who get over hard time and obstacles to protect motherland and meaningful life. Like the yellow apricot flower with the deep root in order not to be bended in the storm, no matter where Vietnamese are, we always keep the moral and tradition of the ancestors. Like this flower vents the old leaves in the end of winter to make room for cloves and yellow flowers blooming in spring, Vietnamese always sacrifice for next generations to have a better life. Through time and the bad weather conditions, the yellow apricot still gets over it in silence, waiting for the spring to bloom. This is why this kind of flower is considered to be the symbol of the sacrifice, patients and graceful spiritual values of the ancestors during the progress of building homeland and maintaining the tradition.

    Yellow Apricot Flower (Hoa Mai)
    Hoa Mai are the yellow apricot flowers often seen in Southern Viet Nam. Hoa Mai are more adaptable to the hot weather of southern regions, thus, it is known as the primary flower in every home. 

    Considered to be a symbol of spring and abundance, the yellow and white flowers of the Apricot Blossoms are visible everywhere during the time of Tet. Being considered a symbol of prosperity, the number of petals of the flower is proportional to the amount of luck that the family can garner in the new Year, hence the more the number of petals on an apricot Blossom, the more its value and the more coveted it becomes.

    Nowadays, with  techniques of people, this flower had many in the North. Coming Vietnam on the occasion of Tet, you will feel full of color flowers in here. It really beautiful.

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