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    Best Places for Photograph in Hanoi

    Wandering around Hanoi with Ha Noi city tour a day, you may look for an ideal place to satisfy your photography passion. Do not miss to check out these best places to photograph in Hanoi where there are breathtaking natural settings- great backgrounds for your photos. These shots will leave you with unforgettable memories of this place.

    Hoan Kiem Lake

    Best Places for Photograph in Hanoi

    Hoan Kiem Lake is not only a famous tourist attraction where the locals flock together for meeting and chatting, it is also a favorite spot for those who love photography. This is an ideal place to take photos because of its natural settings surrounded by freshly green trees along the payments around the lake.

    As the sun goes down on the horizon, it’s time for photographers to catch precious moments when bright lights sparkle on the surface of the lake making a magical strip of lights.

    Long Bien Bridge

    Being one of the most well-known bridges in Vietnam, Long Bien Bridge is known as a living historic relic- a great architecture designed by French architects. Therefore, it is not strange that photographers often come here to get the best photos which mark the imprints of the past and the present as well. If you are finding a place for check-in, do not miss the chance to visit this legend bridge.

    Hanoi West Lake

    West Lake is another familiar spot of Vietnamese young people. Ha Noi city tour a day with the lake in summer - the season of brightly blooming lotuses, you will have the opportunity to immerse into tranquil atmosphere of the pond covered by freshly green color of lotuses. In addition, you could also change your style with special costume such as “Yem” (a unique ancient Vietnamese bodice) offered by available services with reasonable prices. You will be surprised by stunning photos on this beautiful lotus pond.

    Nhat Tan Flower Garden

    Nhat Tan is a truly must- visit destination for photography lovers. There is a wide range of flowers including sunflowers, lily, cherry blossom, etc.. which is planned into small gardens creating a stunning background for you to take photo shoots. 

    Beautiful streets in Hanoi

    Streets in autumn filled with yellow leaves are always the charm of Hanoi. These are wonderful places for you to take photos.

     Now, Let's come to Ha Noi with city tour a day of us to have beautiful photos !

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