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    Explore the exciting nightlife in Halong Bay

    Nightlife in Halong has drawn locals as well as visitors to spend their vacation here. Halong is the popular tourist destination of Vietnam, which seldom goes to sleep. This beautiful city of Vietnam beams with large number of activities even at the odd hours of the city. The residents as well as the tourists to this city of Halong indulge themselves in various kinds of fun and merriment especially at night. There are large options of nightspots in the city, which are worth paying a visit. The dazzling and happening Nightlife in Halong is really worth mentioning.

    Explore the exciting nightlife in Halong Bay
    Even at the odd hours of the city, this attractive Halong city of Vietnam beams with a wide variety of activities. Coming here, especially at night, the residents together with foreign tourists can indulge themselves in various kinds of merriment and fun. The happening and dazzling nightlife in Halong with large options of nightspots is really worth mentioning and paying a visit.
    Scattered throughout the city, the plethora of nightspots are what you will come across. With their relatives and pals, party-hoppers of different age groups will explore these crowded night spots of Halong. At this city, you can join an ample of options for night entertainment. Casinos, nightclubs, pubs as well as bars are some of the fashionable nightspots of the city.

    There are ample of options for night entertainment at this city. Some of the fashionable nightspots of the city are bars, pubs, nightclubs as well as casinos. There are many nightclubs in Halong.

    Explore the exciting nightlife in Halong Bay
    In this city, there are so many nightclubs remaining open for the tourists until late hours. These clubs often welcome the college-goers visiting in groups. Even at the wee hours of the day, the nightclubs of Halong remain packed with locals and visitors alike. Spacious dance floor and excellent sound system are the main attraction of these nightclubs. The DJs in Halong nightclubs belts out some heart pulsing music such as: pop, jazz and rock music. If you want to enjoy an onsite nightclub, the Saigon Halong Hotel, which is one of some deluxe hotels of Halong, is an ideal spot. 

    Talking about the Nightlife in Halong we cannot afford to miss out the bars and pubs of Halong. The bars and pubs in Halong offers relaxing ambience to sip your liked drinks. You can try out wide varieties of local as well as international drinks in these venues. Nightlife in Halong also includes casinos. Royal International Gaming Club-casino is one of the popular casinos of Halong.

    Explore the exciting nightlife in Halong Bay

    Night squid fishing on Halong Bay, which provides tourists with the feeling of being a professional fisherman, is an interesting activity. Taking part in this activity, you will certainly receive the detail instruction from local fishermen on the technique to fish a squid in the sea.
    Being one of the most amazing activities in Halong Bay, night squid fishing is such awesome pleasure of the night journey. Tourists can actively use provided racquets and fishing rods to catch fresh squids. Clearly seeing light-drunken shoals of squids lazily hovering around; and, each squid step by step enticed and picked up, entirely striving convulsively and fresh must be exciting experience of any tourists. Moreover, it is not surprise to see large shoals of squids around the cruisers during the squid season and for each squid fishing night, each tourist may even catch an average of 25-30 squids.
    Discover Halong Bay at night, this will one memorable experiences.

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