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    Longan (Long Nhãn) specialties of Vietnam

    Long Nhãn (means in Vietnamese Dragon Eye) grows in many provinces in the Viet Nam. The Long Nhãn is a close relative to the lychee. Long Nhãn fruit is about 2 cm in diameter, with brownish and brittle peel. The peel only has to be slightly removed to reach the whitish pulp, enclosing the glistening black hard inedible seed. To eat: use your fingernail or a knife to cut the skin a little and then peer off the tough skin and pop it in your mouth (remember: the seed is inedible!). The translucent pulp tastes similar to that of a lychee but a little sweeter and not as juicy.

    Longan (Long Nhãn) specialties of Vietnam

    There are many varieties of longans. The most renowned variety of longan is the cage longan of Hung Yen Province. The name “cage-longan” comes from the technique of covering the Long Nhãn with cages to protect them from the birds. There are varieties that have a thick pulp and a very sweet taste called pulp longan. Water longans have a thin watery pulp and a fresh sweet taste. In the South, there is the longan of Chau Thanh (Dong Thap Province), which is fairly renowned. This variety has a watery pulp, a very sweet taste, a perfumed scent, and small black seeds, which is why it is called nhan tieu (pepper grain longan).

    Longan (Long Nhãn) specialties of Vietnam

    The longan is a tropical fruit rich in nutrients. It is used in the preparation of sweet lotus seed soups. A longan that has been rid of its black kernel then dried over a fire is called long nhan (literally: dragon’s eyes); it is one of the tonics used in the recipes of traditional medicine. In Viet Nam you can often find dried Long Nhãn cooked in water to make a dessert drink called “Nước long nhãn”.

    A number of the health advantage promises related to longan range from the following:

    Longan (Long Nhãn) specialties of Vietnam

     A great blood tonic
    Longan is probably the leading blood medicines of Chinese tonic herbalism, it is usually coupled with various other blood medications just like Dang Gui as well as Peony to create blood building teas and also formulations. Dragon Eye Fruit includes a very high amount of iron – just about twenty times those of grapes and in addition 15 times those of spinach.

     A great Qi tonic for building up your everyday energy
    Eaten on a regular basis, Longan is much more than only a temporary energy enhancer. It is really an outstanding Qi tonic which raises long-term energy. As it is equally a blood tonic along with a Qi tonic, you can use it to alleviate sleeplessness, lapse of memory and also anxiousness which are the outcomes of blood and also Qi insufficiency, in accordance with Chinese beliefs.

     Promotes calmness
    In accordance with classic Chinese herbal theory, Longan immediately feeds the heart, endorsing heart health.

     The flesh of the fruit is considered as an remedy for poison whilst the dried flesh taken like a tea may be used to deal with sleeplessness and also neurasthenic neurosis. In Vietnam the seed is constrained next to snakebite in the thought that it’ll soak up the venom.

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