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    Enjoy taste variations of silken tofu in Hanoi

    Travelling to Hanoi in summer, you will see the image of a vendor with baskets of silken tofu and the street cries “who eats tofu?” 

    For many years, silken tofu is still a favorite food in summer days of Hanoi but it has varied because of sellers’ creation or customers’ requirement. Below are some variations of tofu.

    Tofu with soya milk

    Enjoy taste variations of silken tofu in Hanoi
    It can be said that this is the first “variation” of tofu and not much different from traditional silken tofu (tofu with sugar water).

    They are still slices of white and smooth tofu but not watered with sugar, and soya milk instead. 

    Succulent taste of milk combined with the coolness of tofu creates a special flavor, which is both strange and familiar.

    Tofu with coffee

    Another special combination is tofu and café. It is not only a kind of beverage, but the tofu café is also a combination between traditional and modern styles, Eastern and Western styles.

    Enjoy taste variations of silken tofu in Hanoi
    It’s up to customers’ taste; each restaurant increases or decreases the different amount of tofu and café. Some places, a cup of coffee with milk, with several slices of tofu. 

    The coolness of tofu combined with sweet bitterness of café creates a strange kind of drink.

    So if you have the opportunity to come back to Hanoi, enjoy a tofu of Hanoi tofu to feel the taste of this dish.

    I think you would love tofu with coffee ! 

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