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Tet 2018
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    Learn about: Tet Nguyen Dan - The biggest Vietnam holiday

    “Tet Nguyen Dan”, Tet Holiday or Lunar New Year is the biggest and most important festival in Vietnam. It is the transition moment between the old year and the New Year. So, Tet Nguyen Dan is the most important and sacred event to Vietnamese people. 

    Tet only lasts for three days, but people often spend a month to enjoy this special event. It’s like Christmas in the western world. Despite the fact that it originated from China, Vietnamese Tet Holiday has its characteristic rituals and many of its activities are harmoniously adapted with Vietnamese culture and geographical climate.

     The biggest Vietnam holiday : Tet Nguyen Dan
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    At the start of the Tet festival, on 23rd Dec (lunar calendar), Ong Tau, the god of the Hearth goes to the abode of the Jade Emperor to give his annual report on family members. People are keen that Ong Tau makes a favourable report so prior to his departure, houses are thoroughly cleaned or even renovated.

    A key part of the celebrations of Tet is that it is a chance to begin again, to forget about problems of the previous year and start afresh. In addition to cleaning homes, people will buy more new clothes at this time of year and it is also a popular time for people to change jobs or switch careers.

    On top of the new start, Tet also sets the tone for the coming year so popular customs include family reunions, giving money to children and the elderly, ancestor worship, and wiping out debts.

    At midnight at the start of the New Year, Ong Tau returns and is welcomed back with fireworks and gongs. During this time, people will avoid bad thoughts or arguments in case they allow bad spirits into the house.

    Tet is also when everyone in Vietnam becomes one year older as age is traditionally determined by the new year and not by each person's birthdays.

    Learn about: Tet Nguyen Dan - The biggest Vietnam holiday
    Photo by Internet

    The most popular food of the festival is Banh Chung (steamed square cake) and its Southern variety called Banh Tet. You will only find it in Vietnam although other countries do celebrate Lunar New Year as well. Banh Chung is a food made from glutinous rice, mung bean, and pork, added with many other ingredients. Banh Chung is covered by green leaves (usually banana leaves) and symbolizes the Earth. During Tet, it is also the best time to have chicken as it is a typical meal for celebrations in Vietnam. As a side dish, you will get to try the Xoi, or sticky rice in all its variants: with peanuts, with bean and with “gac” fruit.

    If tourists are very curious about Vietnamese customs, entertainment activities or festivals on Tet holiday. Why do not you join Tet holiday in Vietnam tour packages. It is not just simply learn about the traditional customs of the Vietnamese, it also gives you the feeling about the meaning of family reunion of Vietnamese.

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