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    Sapa barbecue - Special Food Must Enjoy in Sapa in the winter

    The winter in Sapa is very cold. The temperature of this upland area is often below 10 degrees in the winter.

    When it comes to the cold of Sapa, visitors can not help but mention the famous Sapa barbecue. And visitors often say:  Sapa barbecue - Special Food Must Enjoy in Sapa in the winter.

    Travelling to Sapa, with this dish, there is countless number of grilled dishes here that you could not have enough room for the stomach to try them all. From the very simple food like potatoes, cassava, eggs, chicken wings… to other more complicated dishes with the typical Northwest flavors.

     Sapa barbecue - Special Food Must Enjoy in Sapa in the winter
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    Some of the best BBQ dishes for you to choose in Sapa

        Pork rolled with Meo spinach
        Beef rolled with Meo spinach
        Grilled bamboo pipe rice
        Grilled mountainous corn
        Grilled spiced beef
        Grilled spiced pork
        Grilled chicken feet & wing
        Grilled egg
        Grilled tofu skew
        Grilled stream fish
        Grill egg plant
        Grilled pig stomach
        Different types of grilled mushroom
        Grilled bun
        Grilled sausage

    With special local marinated spices & ingredients, Sapa BBQ has an unique taste that differ from any other BBQ. These grilled dishes also go very well with the local San Lung liquor since it help to balance the taste and will keep you warm in the cold weather of Sapa.

    Barbecue stalls in Sapa are located everywhere in the street, in front of the old stoned church, in the alleys, markets or even at the famous Silver waterfall… Set up with some of the grilling equipments and few tables & chairs for customer, these stalls are considered mini roadside BBQ restaurants.

    So you are ready to go to Sapa to enjoy this famous dish ???

    And Going to visit Sapa and want safe, honest and reliable local services? 

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