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    The reasons for you to make a Sapa Tour in winter

    Sapa is a popular destination in the Lao Cai Province of Northwest Vietnam.If in the summer, tourists flock to the mountain town to trek through the lush, green rice terraces that Sapa is known. Make a Sapa Tour in the winter brings a own charming.

    And this is : The reasons for you to make a Sapa Tour in winter.

    The reasons for you to make a Sapa Tour in winter

    Enjoy the view of Sapa in winter

    In the winter, sunny skies are less common (though not impossible) and it’s significantly colder (this is the only part of Vietnam where it sometimes snows), but Sapa still offers stunning landscape views and so much more.

    Sapa is dubbed as “foggy town”, especially in winter where the town is covered by cold mist. Fully poetic scenery with rooftops, roads and hills are coated with a faded white color of mist, with such romantic and beautiful view.

    Trekking in Sapa in the winter

    Sapa is a beautiful place to visit. While the iconic rice terraces are not as vibrant in the winter, but this region still offers fantastic trekking any time of the year.

    Trekking to feel the winter purchase of upland, difficult but extraordinary life of the people here.

    Enjoy grilled dishes

    Grilled dishes and hotpot are kings during cold weather in Sapa, as it will become more and more satisfied to have a taste of them while the weather gets colder and colder. Additionally, Sapa is also a kingdom for some specialties vegetables such as chayote, as well as pork, beef and salmon…. thus the flavor, smell and taste of these grilled dishes and hotpot are more unique and tastier than anywhere else.

    So there is no reason for you to refuse a Sapa Tour in the winter. It will be very interesting.

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