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Tet 2018
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    Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Vietnam - 2018

    Another spring is coming; Vietnamese are trying to finish the last year's work, preparing for a new spring.

    In most of Vietnam, Lunar New Year celebrations last at least three days. During this time, the Vietnamese people spend time with family and friends while reminiscing about the past year. And this year's Lunar New Year in Vietnam lasted from February 14 to 20 Feb (From December 29 to January 5, according to the lunar calendar).

    On 14th Feb ( 29th of December), every house cleaned up the house and threw garbage in the house to the fork and crossroads, with the meaning of eliminating the risks and impurities of the old year and prepares to welcome New Year fortune.

    In the afternoon of the 30th of Tet holiday (15th Feb), according to custom, Vietnamese usually organize a family reunion. This day is the "seal day" for all that belongs to the family. 

    Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Vietnam  - 2018
    Photo by Quangpraha on Pipabay

    In the night of this day, Everyone together to welcome the new year in many forms: at the house held a small party or the go out watching the fireworks,...

    In New Year's Day, people often go to their relatives to celebrate Tet and go to the pagoda, temple to pray for the good things of the new year. Especially in the early days of the new year there are many festivals held everywhere.

    So, it can be said, Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet is the biggest holiday of Vietnam. And this is also the best time for you to make a Vietnam Package Tours.

    Here are some suggestions for you to choose the best trip on this special occasion:

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