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    Lear about: Hmong ethnic's customs in Lunar New Year

    The Hmong are one of the largest ethnic minorities (roughly 900,000 people) in Vietnam and are principally concentrated in the mountainous areas of the northern part of the country.

    The Black Hmong are best known for their handicraft and traditional indigo blue dress. Flower Hmong, on the other hand, wear more colourful clothing so it is not usually too difficult to pick them out of the crowd on market days.

    Now, the Hmong lives  in the mountainous region of northern Vietnam and scattered throughout the mountains of Vietnam.

     Lear about: Hmong ethnic's customs in Lunar New Year
    Hmong people in Sapa - Photo by wikipedia

    And today, Vietnam Typical Tours would recommend visitors article: "  Lear about: Hmong ethnic's customs in Lunar New Year".

    Tet ( Lunar New Year) is an important holiday of every Vietnamese. For the Hmong people too.

    In Tet, the Hmong are jubilantly preparing for the Tet (New Year Festival) by cleaning altars, houses, making Banh day (round sticky rice cake) and drying beautiful costumes for sale in local markets.

    Some forty years ago, Mong have celebrated the New Year according to lunar calendar whereas previously they followed an agricultural calendar and celebrated it approximately one month earlier in December.

    During Tet, all households cook in the wee early morning hours of the day and prepare many special traditional dishes such as Banh Day (sticky rice cake), pork, chicken and wine.

    Mong believe that after working hard throughout the year a happy Tet signals a good beginning for a prosperous New Year. During the holiday leisure time they take the liberty to visit relatives.

    A day before New Year’s Eve, every Mong family prepares a dinner in honour of their ancestors. The following day, they use a sweep-net made of three branches of a tree or bamboo to clean soot from the chimney and put it in a rattan round-shape basket.

    The next morning then ceremoniously toss the soot in the direction of the sunrise at daybreak in commemoration of their ancestors.

    After that, they catch a rooster and prepare 12 sticks of incense and 12 small pieces of paper. They burn the incense with the rooster firmly entrenched under the altar.

    In addition they stick paper on agricultural tools in their homes and perform other rituals directed at producing bumper crops in the year to come, Su added.

    Mong people also pay due attention to chicken’s feet, eyes and tongue that they consider the most important parts of chicken.

    The father is the patriarch and most important person of the family; therefore, he is the first one to eat before inviting other family members and relatives to enjoy the traditional New Year’s meal.

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