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    Learn about: List of Cultural and Traditional Festivals in Mai Chau

    Mai Chau as a wonderful destination if visitors are interested in a deeper experience of Vietnam with a warm and welcoming population and unspoiled natural beauty in Northern Vietnam.

    If you want to visit this destination and would like to have the opportunity to participate in unique cultural festivals here. Please do not skip this article of our:  List of Cultural and Traditional Festivals in Mai Chau during year.

    List of Cultural and Traditional Festivals in Mai Chau
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    Xec Bua festival

    Xec Bua festival is a big festival of Muong people in general and Muong people living in Hoa Binh in particular. The festival is held in the Lunar New Year. On this occasion, Muong people wish for a happy year, good health, happiness and lucky.

    The Xen Xo Phon festival 

    A White Thai festival held between the 1st and 28th day of the 4th Lunar Calendar month. This festival is held at the start of the dry season in Mai Chau, and is a plea for rain in the form of songs.

    Cha Chieng Festival

     A White Thai festival held in Spring by a local shaman.  This festival is a celebration of thanks from the doctor and his people to the gods for said power.

    Tet Trung Nguyen Festival

    Tet Trung Nguyen Festival held in early September is for people to pray for the ‘lost souls’ or ‘wandering spirits'. The Vietnamese people honor them by preparing grand feasts for the lost souls; with all kinds of foods including meat, rice, cakes and more.

    The Gong festival of Muong ethnic group

    A Dzao and Tay festival held from the 5th to the 15th of the first Lunar Calendar month. It’s purpose is to pray for good weather, abundant harvests and an affluent life.

     The New Rice Crop Festivals 

    The New Rice Crop Festivals take place in September to early October. They offer the fruits of their labor to worship heaven and earth – for good weather, affluence, a good harvest, healthy family and express respect to departed ancestors.

    With the festivals of different ethnic minorities in Mai Chau, We hope that you can choose at least one of them for your visit in this mountainous area. We are sure that you not only get more fun but also understand the uniqueness of local culture.

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