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Tet 2018
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    Today in Vietnam is Kitchen Gods Day

    If you are having a Vietnam Tour during this time, Do you feel the excitement of every Vietnamese person today ? And do you see the image of the goldfish that people buy a lot ?

    Yes. Because today in Vietnam is Kitchen Gods Day. 

    Vietnamese call  23 rd of December in Lunar calendar is Kitchen Gods day. Kitchen Gods- the chief guardian spirit of the kitchen, are believed to comprise two male gods and one female, who bless the household and keep up the kitchen fire, making every member of the family happy and wealthy.

    Today in Vietnam is Kitchen Gods DayPhoto by vi.wikipedia.org

    So, on the 23r day of December, normally, grandmothers and mothers of the family will cook a lot of delicacies such as new harvest steamed sticky rice or plain porridge. They clean and decorate the altar with fresh flowers and fruits. On the altar also laid three votive paper caps, the yellow one in the middle for Mrs. Tao and two black ones for two Mr. Tao. And this ceremony is held at every Vietnamese household.

    Along with these preparations, a large bowl of water with one live large golden carp or three small ones is kept aside. The carps are all alive and will be freed into a pond, lake or river after the worshipping ceremonies are finished. Tao Quan can only travel up to the Heavens with the help of golden carps, as carp is used to be the Heavens’ animal and is a very good swimmer.

    Today in Vietnam is Kitchen Gods Day
    Photo by kaori

    Although Vietnamese in regions across the country pay their homage to Tao Quan in their own special ways, they remain important figures in the rich texture of Vietnamese New Year. And the image of Tao Quan is so familiar that they even appear in many dramatics, movies or TV shows on the occasion of Tet Festival.

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