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    Top 5 special dishes in Bac Giang province

    A travel trip to Norther Vietnam, especial to Bac Giang, visitors will be impressed with some mouth-watering local dishes like goi ca (raw fish dish), nom ca (fish salad), luon om (simmered eel) and other specialties made of frogs.
    Top 5 special dishes in Bac Giang province
    Pictures are illustrative - Photo by wikipedia.org


    Frogs can be cooked into various dishes. Stir-fried frog is easy to make and is palatable to people with various tastes :  fried chopped frogs, steamed and deep-fried.

    “Goi ca me"

    “Goi ca me”, a raw fish ceviche made of Osteochilus fish.

    The fish piece is rolled with a rice paper or the said-above leaves and dip into a special thick sauce, which is made from finely-chopped fish head, galingale extract, tuong (fermented soybean paste), me (fermented rice) and salt.

     “Nom ca”

    "Nom Ca"  is a raw fish salad made of Osteochilus fish or carp fish. 

    The clean fish has all of its bones removed and its fillets are cut into strips, which are mixed with chopped tram den (black fruit fillings), young banana bulb, ginger leaves, sour star fruits, tuong and other seasonings. 

    Simmer eel - Luon bung

    The dish with the aroma of cintronella, fermented soybean paste, fermented rice, and mouthwatering eel pieces. It would be great.

    Nem nuong, or grilled pork sausage

    It is made of lean meat and pork rind. The pork sausage is wrapped in dried banana leaf as the inner layer and fresh banana leaf as the outer layer and left for one day. It must be grilled finely before being served. - VNA

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