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    Fairy Waterfall in Xin Man, Ha Giang

    Situated in the middle of Deo Gio primeval forest in Ha Giang province’s Xin Man district at the height of 1,480 metres, the Thac Tien (fairy waterfall), a national natural heritage, attracts special attention of tourists by its natural beauty and imposing scene. 

    From a distance, the Thac Tien looks like a full-moon girl’s soft long hair. In the Nung ethnic people’s language, the Thac Tien is called the Tang tinh waterfall, meaning that water flowing from a big hole. From the height of 70 metres, the waterfall falls down with water dusts reflected with sunbeams and a stretching green scene of primeval forests from a distance, creating fanciful scenery. Many local residents also called the Thac Tien the Thac Gio (Wind waterfall) because the breath of air from the waterfall foot blowing up created the steam hanging in mid air. The stream is as clear as to be possible to see sand grains at the bottom. 

    To arrive in the Thac Tien, visitors must go over hundreds of stairs throughout a dense bamboo forest. However, visitors’ stresses seem to disappear as they come close the waterfall and feel cool water dusts on their face. The Thac Tien is always peaceful and gentle both in the dry and rainy seasons. There is a small pond under the waterfall foot, which is the riverhead of Ta Lan stream flowing to Nam Dan hamlet, which is home to the Nam Dan ancient stone field relic recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism February 21 2008. The flagstones with ancient residents’ vestiges engraved harmoniously two centimeters wide and one centimeter deep, describing the life of residents such as terraced fields, streams, the moon, reproductive culture, circle, and shapes of hand, foot with mysterious meanings, which created the secret and interest for tourists. 

    Not only attractive to visitors with the hidden natural beauty, the Thac Tien is also an evidence of the love legend between Nung nice girl and snaked boy who is the son of the mountain deity. Along with the Nam Dan stone field relic, the Thac Tien is becoming a favored destination of tourists to relax and study the history of the northern pole land.
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