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    Cat Tongue Cookie Recipe (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo)

    Cat Tongue Cookie Recipe (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo)
    Cat Tongue Cookie Recipe (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo)

     What dessert will you make for this weekend? Just few days left, Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday) is coming around Asia including Vietnam. Why don’t we create some sweet with hopes that next year will bring more happiness, lucks and peace for everyone? Today, I would like to introduce Cat Tongue Cookie (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo) which comes from many Vietnamese Dessert Recipes to all you guys.

    Enjoy with coffee when we have a party with friends or family is such a good choice. Now, let us start cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, ok?
    110g butter (no salt)
    110g all purposed flour
    80g sugar
    3 white parts of eggs
    Salt, vanilla starch or 1 teaspoon coffee water.
    Cat Tongue Cookie Recipe (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo) 1


    Step 1:
    - With this recipes, we can create about tiny 120 cookies for party. Melt butter until it is soft. Mix with sugar and use mixer to mix gently until it looks like the photo below.

    Step 2:
    - Slowly pour white parts of eggs into mixture and continue mixing gently in 1 minute (do not mix too long, our cookies will not be crunchy)

    Step 3:
    - Next, add a little salt, vanilla starch into mixture, use sifter to sift flour slowly. Use mixer to mix with minimum level until they mix well.


    Cat Tongue Cookie Recipe (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo) 2

    Step 4:
    - Use baking paper to put on baking tray or use a little melted butter to sweep on top. Pour mixture flour in step 3 on nylon bag, but on head and pour slowly on tray to create long pieces like photo below. Remember, they need a distance to make sure they will not stick together after grilled.
    Cat Tongue Cookie Recipe (Bánh Lưỡi Mèo) 3
    Step 5:
    - Heat the oven at 160 celsius in 5 minutes. Put tray into oven and grill in 20 minutes. When cookies turn brown yellow, put them out and wait to reduce heat before store in jar.

    Hum, finally, we are finished one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for this Tet holiday. It is so easy to make right? Hope you guys will have a happy and healthy holiday. Good luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.
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