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    About a Vietnam holiday at the end days of September ?

    A Vietnam holiday at the end days of September, you hope this will be a special trip.

    Sure ! Travelling Vietnam  at the end days of September, there will be many special events for you.

    Watching the terraced fields of the mountains in the north are bright yellow.

    Terraced fields in the mountainous provinces in northern Vietnam will start showing gorgeous colors in September and October when the harvest season comes. This is the time travelers flock to the locations to take photos of the yellow ripening fields.

    About a Vietnam holiday at the end days of September ?

    Due to the steep feature and fertile soil, it was created by weathered granite rock and mountain cliffs. Local ethnic minority people can grow rice and establish terraced rice fields, one after another, from the foot to top of mountains. Generations of these people have created terraced rice fields as we see today.

    When the northern mountainous region enters at the end days of September, tourists have a chance to marvel at the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam, including fields in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai and Hoang Su Phi. 

    So, I think that you should join a trip from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai to watch the beautiful terraced rice fields roads.

     Marathon cross the mountain in Sapa

    Vietnam Mountain Marathon is the result of a lifelong love of running and a fascination with Vietnam. The small dirt roads and narrow trails will take you through the beautiful mountain ranges of Hoang Lien National Park and valleys near Sapa that are usually closed territory to all but the few people living there.

    About a Vietnam holiday at the end days of September ?

    This year, Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2017 will be held from 09/22 - 09/24/2017 at Sapa.

    If you are a fan of sports activities and would like to visit Sapa. This is a good opportunity for you.

    The paragliding festival in Mu Cang Chai

    The largest paragliding festival will take place from September 22-24 at Khau Pha mountain pass, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province.

    About a Vietnam holiday at the end days of September ?

    The annual event themed "Flying over ripening rice fields" is expected to attract thousands of visitors to the Northwestern region to enjoy the beautiful landscape of golden rice and terraced fields.

    Mid-Autumn festival in Sapa

    Tourists should not miss a chance to enjoy the animated atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn festival slated to take place on the night on September 30, featuring unicorn dances, lanterns and street activities.

    So can confirm that: comming to Vietnam  at the end days of September , there are many interesting things waiting for you !


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