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    Pho Cuon (Vietnamese Rolling Pho recipe)

    Pho Cuon (Vietnamese Rolling Pho recipe) is one of delicious and attractive Vietnamese Pho Recipes for all ages, does not take much time to cook, both the rolls and interesting food, strange taste, used in the family reunion party, farewell the old year and welcome the New Year.

    Pho Cuon (Vietnamese Rolling Pho) from Vietnamese Pho Recipes, consists of a slightly cooked rice paper shell the same thickness as a Pho noodle. Inside this soft shell is a selection of herbs and greens - mainly cilantro, mustard leaf, and lettuce - and thinly sliced beef that has been cooked with garlic and generous amounts of pepper. It is served cold with a bowl of fish sauce, garlic, carrots, radish, vinegar, boiled water, chili and some sugar for dipping.


    - Raw piece of rice noodle: 500g
    - Beef fillet: 300g
    - Price: 100g
    - Carrots: ½ tubers
    - Onions: ½ tubers
    - Salad: 2 trees
    - Herbs of all kinds
    - Garlic minced, chili
    - Pepper, sugar, fish sauce
    - LISA Rice Vinegar
    - Seeds wedge Ajingon
    1. Pre-processing
    - Thin sliced ​​beef, marinated with 1 spoon minced garlic, 1/3 spoon and 1 spoon pepper wedge Ajingon, to absorb.
    - Microfiber cut carrots. Onion cut yarn. Lettuce, herbs, odd washed.
    2. Rolling
    - Frying  1 spoon of  minced garlic, fried carrot touch, taste ½ m particles wedges Ajingon, add onion stir fry cooked, pour plate. For a little extra oil to the pan, stir-fry beef cooked, pour plate.
    - Spread noodle dish, arrange lettuce, herbs, prices, beef, carrots and onions, rolled back.
    - Sweet and sour sauce: Mix ½ cup rice vinegar water with 1.5 spoon Lisa, 2 spoon sugar, 2 spoons and 1 spoon garlic sauce, chopped chili.

    3. How to use
    After cooking one of delicious Vietnamese Pho recipes, perform Pho Cuon (Vietnamese Rolling Pho) by sorting noodle rolled plate, eating dots with sweet and sour sauce.
    In addition, Pho Cuon (Vietnamese Rolling Pho) is sold around Ho Chi minh city and Ha Noi capital. The cost for each plate of Pho Cuon is not  expensive , it is between 20000-50000VND. Beside tasting Vietnamese Pho (Noodle Soup), do not forget to taste this one. Now let us enjoys one of specific Vietnamese Pho recipes.

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