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    Iced Tea Lemon Recipe (Trà Chanh)

    One of popular and Easy Vietnamese Recipes these days in Saigon and Hanoi is Iced Tea Lemon (Trà Chanh). Most young Vietnamese people totally fall in love with this drink, including me. We usually order it when have time hanging out with friends. After order some salty dishes, this drink is our first choice. If you do not have a chance to visit Vietnam, you also can make it at home by my recipe below.

    The combination between green tea, lemon, sugar and ice will make you feel better in hot days. So, are you ready to discover one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this one with us? When you do want to make it, please follow my instruction below carefully and let us start together right now.

    Tea Bags (You can use any kind of tea you love: Lotus tea, lipton tea or dried tea leaves)
    Lemon, Sugar (depend on your flavor)

    Step 1
    : Add tea bag into small cup; pour slowly hot water into it. Depend on your flavor you can pour how much water you want.

    Step 2
    : Wait from 5 – 7 minutes. Then, get the tea bag out.

    Step 3
    : Cut lemon in half. Press to have water from it; do not use its seeds.

    Step 4
    : Here is the important step to make one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Mix sugar + lemon + a little water, stir well. Next, pour tea water into this mixture and season again to suit your flavor. Then, add more ice.

    Finally, your drink is already served. Pour them into glasses; decorate some sliced lemon and basil leaves on face of drink. I bet you will not regret with this decision. Hope you will choose one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this one to make for your members in family, especially in hot days. Have a nice day and Good Luck for your Cooking.

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