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    Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum

    Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum
    Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum (Lăng Chủ Tịch Hồ Chí Minh) is one of most Vietnam Popular Destinations; it is the last resting place of Ho Chi Minh. It is a symbol of gratitude and respect of Vietnamese people for president Ho Chi Minh. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi Capital, make sure you will not miss this place to discover more about history of the greatest president so far – Ho Chi Minh.

    Construction work began on September 2, 1973 and the structure was formally inaugurated on August 29, 1975. The mausoleum was inspired by Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow but incorporates distinct Vietnamese architectural elements, such as the sloping roof. The exterior is made of gray granite, while the interior is gray, black, and red polished stone. The mausoleum's portico has the words "Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh" inscribed across it, meaning "President Ho Chi Minh."
    In his will, Ho Chi Minh stated his wish to be cremated and to have his ashes scattered in the hills of north, central, and southern Vietnam. He said that he preferred cremation because it would be "more hygienic than burial and would also save land for agricultural purposes." The mausoleum was built in spite of his wishes.
    Inside Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum:
    The structure is 21.6 meters high and 41.2 meters wide. Flanking the mausoleum are two platforms with seven steps for parade viewing. The plaza in front of the mausoleum is divided into 240 green squares separated by pathways. The gardens surrounding the mausoleum have nearly 250 different species of plants and flowers, all from different regions of Vietnam.
    Ho Chi Minh's body is preserved in the cooled, central hall of the mausoleum, which is protected by a military honor guard. The body lies in a glass case with dim lights. The mausoleum is closed occasionally while work is done to restore and preserve the body but is normally open daily from 9:00 am to noon to the public. Lines of visitors, including visiting foreign dignitaries, pay their respects at the mausoleum. It would be one of great Vietnam Popular Destinations.
    Around Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum:
    The grandeur of this place which is one of best Vietnam Popular Destinations is a strange contrast to the simple stilt house where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked. Built in the style of ethnic minority dwellings, it overlooks a large carp pond and is a calm sanctuary. Visitors can look through the windows to see the austere furnishings and his few personal possessions. On his desk each day is a vase of his favorite blossoms, white lily, and a sweetly scented flower rather like a tall white bluebell. Nearby is the magnificent Presidential Palace, once the palace of the Governor-General of Indochina during the colonial period. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public.
    To sum up, it is the end of our trip to one of most Vietnam Popular Destinations. Hope you like this article and come to this place for one time when visiting Vietnam to understand more the greatest historic man of our nation. Guarantee that you already take note this place in your journey book before visiting Vietnam. Hope you have a happy trip with friends and family in my beautiful country.
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