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    Vietnamese Sour Pho Noodle (Phở Chua)

    Phở Chua Hà Nội
    Vietnamese Sour Pho Noodle (Phở Chua) is a cool dish which is interested in summer and winter. This Vietnamese Food Pho was only cooked in the party; it now is a daily meal for every people. Sour Pho is delicious because of the toughness of noodles, the sweet of pork’s liver, bacon, duck and sausage. It usually is eaten with herbs and sour sauce.

    There are many style of cooking this Vietnamese Food Pho. However, one delicious sour Pho must contains 6 main ingredients: noodles, sour sauce, pickles, soya sauce, peanuts and Northern sauce. The noodles are made from rice and by handmade. To have a delicious noodles, you need to choose the “pink’s rice” which is mostly planted in the North West area. The sour sauce is taken from the pickles’ jar.
    The most difficult part in cooking this dish is making soya sauce. To have a tasty soya sauce, you need to collect the soya bean and mash them in three months. Sometimes the sauce is rotten because the weather and temperature is not in good condition. Therefore, I think you should buy one soya sauce when you intend making this Vietnamese Food Pho. When the soya sauce is added to this dish, it will have a yellow brown color like honey. The sour Pho is more delicious if it is eaten with chilies sauce of the Northern people.

    It is not sophisticated and classy, but it has bold cultures of Northern people. On the holiday or festival, the local people usually cook this dish, so do not miss this dish on these days. The first time I ate this Pho, I saw it is not delicious, but at the second times I cannot stop eating two dishes due to it was extremely tasty.

    If you cannot come to the North West area to enjoy this Vietnamese Food Pho, you can come to one restaurant on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Ho Chi Minh City. Make sure you will not miss thsi dish and Good Luck to your Trip. Hope to see you here soon. Happy Holidays.
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