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    Cao Son Market in Lao Cai

    Cao Son market situated on Cao Son commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province, HCMC, Vietnam and about 80km far away from Lao Cai city.

    Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to communicate, chat and learn more about the daily life of the ethnic minorities living in the four largest villages. There are many ways to get to Cao Son market. However, if visitors want to have the opportunity to cruise on the river and soak up the romantic and poetic landscape, you can take part in tours on the Chay river: Bao Nhai- Cao Son.

    Cao Son Market
    Cao Son Market - Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
    From Lao Cai City, on National Highway 4D, visitors will reach Phong Nien commune, Bao Thang District, Lao Cai province. Then, continue to follow Provincial Highway 153, you will come to the foot of the Bao Nhai bridge, Bao Nhai commune, Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province. From here, going straight the northern about 31km, visitors will reach Cao Son market.

    Cao Son is the market of ethnic Hmong, Phu La living in the four largest villages of Muong Khuong district. Every Wednesday, Cao Son market opens.

    When Cao Son market opens, many people from all around the region flock to here. Cao Son market seems to be more beautiful by people, goods and natural landscape with Vietnam travel guide. In the vast space and mountain, people are so small…They are happy to buy, sell and exchange goods with each other.
    Like other upland market sessions, Cao Son market is divided into several areas:

    These items are characteristic mountain area such as: vegetables, wine, honey, upland rice, jewelry…in this market, the most outstanding items is colorful brocade. This is the products made by ingenious hands.

    In addition, most attention is the sale of livestock and poultry: pigs, chickens, dogs, buffalo, horses and the atmosphere here is pretty comfortable.

    About a few hundred meters far from here is area of ethnic cuisine. Here, visitors will easily be overwhelmed by seductive flavors from some kind of food as buffalo meat, horse meat and beef of Mongolia and intriguing wine of Coc Dam and Coc Ngu..In the bustling atmosphere and attraction that travelers will have to stop, sit down and enjoy specialties with local people.

    Coming to market session of Cao Son, tourists have the chance to enjoy the cultural interference of ethnic groups living in villages along Chay river. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to cruise on Chay river and enjoy the stunning scenery on both sides of river.

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