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    Grilled Octopus with Satay Recipe (Bạch Tuộc Nướng Sa Tế)

    Winter is coming so many people want to eat something can warm inside their bodies. One of them is Grilled Octopus with Satay (Bạch Tuộc Nướng Sa Tế). It is also one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes in our country. Most young Vietnamese people fall in love with this dish and I bet you will, too. You cannot forget its flavor from the first time. However, if you do not have a chance to visit Vietnam to taste it, you can make it at home.

    There are only 4 steps to create one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. The most important to make this dish more delicious is you have to choose fresh octopus. Please follow our instruction below carefully.


    700gr fresh octopus
    1 Satay bottle (50gr – 100gr: Depend on your flavor)
    2 teaspoons honey
    Spices: Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Lemon Fruit, Minced Garlic, Vegetable oil and Vietnamese Mint.

    Step 1
    : Separate heads and bodies of octopuses. Use scissors cut off their eyes. With their bodies, split haft and throw away their entrails. Next, clean with water added a little salt 3 times. Then, use soft towel to absorb water.

    Step 2
    : Fry 3 tablespoons oil with minced garlic until its color turn yellow, then quickly add 4 tablespoons satay and fry in 1 minute. Turn off the heat and wait to get cold.
    Step 3: Marinate octopuses with mixture in step 2 +2 teaspoons honey + minced garlic + oil + salt and put in fridge about 3 hours.

    Step 4: Before making this step, I want to say that here is the most important step to create an amazing dish. Even it is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes, but you should not neglect from instruction below.

    - Grill octopuses about 3 – 5 minutes on 2 faces. Do not forget to spread a little oil around their faces to avoid to be burnt.
    Finally, your dish is ready to serve. Put Vietnamese Mint around plate before serving. Using with Satay, lemon juice added a little pepper and salt or chili sauce will all bring a spectacular flavor in your mouth. I bet you will never forget its taste. So, are you ready to make it? Hope you like it and do not miss our next posts about Easy Vietnamese Recipes soon. Good Luck for your Cooking.

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