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    Đình Liệt Ward, Hanoi Captital

    Located on the center of Hanoi, Đình Liệt ward is placed at between Hàng Bạc ward and Cầu Gỗ ward. This ward is not only one of Vietnam Popular Destinations, but also is a center of variety clothes shops which is opened daily from morning to night. Besides that, the ward is famous with diversity traditional delicious food.

    Đình Liệt Ward, Hanoi Captital

    If you are bored with the fat food or some food which has high calories, you can stay there to enjoy some interesting snacks and nosh. The most popular street vendor there is “Quà Quê” vendor; it sells many Vietnamese cakes like green sticky rice, conjugal cake, and sticky rice cake. Most of visitors come to this vendor is the tourist and the elder who want to remember the old history. Even all of the cakes are made from the rice; each cake has a different taste and flavor. You will easily recognize the taste and the name of them when eating it one time.

    On the Đình Liệt ward, you cannot forget considering the bees sweet soup (Chè Ong). Some elder said they could not forget the taste of this sweet soup even stayed away from the nation. The sweet, the fragrant, the spicy of ginger are the best combination of this sweet soup. We always have many specific food in many Vietnam Popular Destinations, including this place as well.
    If you do not like eating the sweet cake or sweet soup, you can go to the next restaurant to enjoy the Đình Liệt’s snails. This ward is well known the snails ward of young citizens in Hanoi. There is only one style of making snail there which is boiled snails with lemon leaves, but they still attract the big number of customers.
    Like other Vietnam Popular Destinations, this place is also famous with the tribe’s product like clothes, bags, shoes. All of them are made from the clever hand and aesthetic eyes of tribe’s men, so they lure the big number of customers; especially the tourists.

    To sum up, on the cool day of autumn’s season, it is so great for walking on the road of Đình Liệt’s ward. You could not only taste the delicious but also having chance buying special goods. Hope you love one of Vietnam Popular Destinations like this place and have a interesting trip with your family and friends in my beautiful country.

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