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    Ghositaram Pagoda in Bac Lieu

    Being considered one of the most beautiful Khmer Theravada Buddhist temples in the Mekong Delta, Ghositaram pagoda in Bac Lieu province has unique decorations, reflecting unique Buddhism cultural identity of the Khmer.

    Ghositaram temple is located in the village of Cu Lao, Hung Hoi commune, Vinh Loi district, around 5km from Bac Lieu city center.

    The temple was built in 1860-1872. After more than 150 years, Ghositaram temple was rebuilt at the end of 2001. After about 10 years of construction, the main hall of the temple was inaugurated in mid-2010. The main hall has an area of more than 400m2, about 40m high, has many relieves, sculptural works and mural paintings with unique patterns of high artistic value.

    In addition, in the temple campus there are two columns of over 40m high and two towers preserving remains of Buddhists, which also have beautiful decorative features.
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