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    Travelling through Winter - spring flower seasons

    Besides tours of popular tourist destinations, travelers can plan their own trips depending on flower seasons. A flower sightseeing tour is unlike a normal package tour. 

    A new flowering season is different from previous ones since each flower has its own beauty and charm. It usually begins in winter and blooms in spring. Each region in the country has its own special flower, so adventurers are advised to come to the right place to see it.

    The Central Highlands provinces feature a special species of wildflower, which is simple yet striking, known as da quy, or wild sunflower. People can easily find the wild sunflower in October. It is especially widespread in Da Lat. The roads leading to tourist sites or the outskirts are brightened by the vibrant yellow flowers.

    Spring in Ha Giang
    Spring in Ha Giang - Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
    When chilly weather comes in Da Lat City in December, people will have the opportunity to enjoy the pink blush of mai anh dao, a cherry blossom whose scientific name is prunus cerasoides. Mai anh dao can be found all over the city along the roads, such as key tourist attractions and the landmark Xuan Huong Lake. The pinkish glow of the flower turns the sky into a lovely pastel color.

    Meanwhile, in the country’s northwest, tourists often flock to Dong Van-Meo Vac in Ha Giang Province to see an extraordinary species of flower called tam giac mach or buckwheat endemic. The seasonal flower blossoms in February-April and October-November in a color range of white, pink and purple respectively. Regional authorities will be planting a field of buckwheat flowers on a pilot basis next year to serve tourists. Products made from this flower such as buckwheat cake or wine will be also available.

    On the hills and slopes of Moc Chau Plateau, curious travelers may be impressed by the dazzling white mustard flower fields. Mustard flower enters the blossoming season in late autumn and early winter. It might last until spring when it gets warmer. It is such a relaxing moment for visitors to stroll in the middle of a vast field of flowers on top of a hill.

    Another popular destination in the north of the country is Sa Pa. Many people choose to visit the upland town in flower seasons to experience a poetic landscape. In spring, Sa Pa is immerged in a cherry blossom almost identical to the Japanese cherry blossom. Visitors can see the light pink of this flower on the mountainside in the villages such as Ta Van and Cat Cat, or Mount Ham Rong. Another unique kind of flower in Sa Pa is plum blossom. According to locals, the flower is large and beautiful because it only grows in freezing and frosty weather.
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