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    Discover the unique festivals in Sapa during the spring

    Spring is the festival season in Vietnam. And that the time from Lunar New Year or Tet holiday to the end of January is the best time to relax and prepare for a hard-working year.

    So, if you make a Sapa Tour at this time, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy cultural festivals of local people.

    The below will: Some  the unique festivals in Sapa during the spring, which we would like to recommend to visitors.

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    Village cleaning festival of Xa Pho people 

    Annually, the Xa Pho often organise their village cleaning festival on the Horse day or Goat day in February in lunar calendar, aiming at having a happy new year with peaceful life, fruitful crops and healthy cattle. 

    The shaman practises rituals in the festival. Finally, the locals enjoy the meal merrily. 

     Gau Tao Festival of the Hmong

    Gau Tao festival according to Hmong language is Grauk Taox. The festival usually takes place between 1st to 15th lunar January every year. Normally, if the festival is held for 3 consecutive years, the annual festival will be held in 3 consecutive days, but if the festival is held 3 years 1 times, villagers will hold  festival for 9 consecutive days.

    Local people in here go to Gau Tao Hill to pray god for what they want. When their wishes come true, they celebrate Gau Tao Festival to express their gratefulness to Gods.

    Tet nhay festival of Dao people

    Tet Nhay is an important festival of the Dao in Ta Van which is carefully prepared and organized in the first and second days of Tet Holiday.

    The main content of the festival is spraying for a peaceful and prosperous life and learn about our tradition of gratefulness. 

    The festival  includes 14 dances of some selected boy or some rituals practised by the shaman.

     Nhan Song and Nao Song Festivals

    These are the two festivals of the Red Dao in Giang Ta Chai Village (Ta Van, Sapa) which aim at educating the locals to prevent deforestation.

    The Hmong in Seo Mi Ty, Den Thang Ta or Lao Chai, Hau Thao also have the same festival as above with the name of “Nao Song”. In this festival, besides forest protection and cattle keeping, the festival also mentions some matters of robber prevention, crops protection and mutual assistance.

     Roong Pooc Festival of the Giay

    In every February in lunar calendar, the Giay in Ta Van open Roong Pooc Festival, wishing a fruitful season, prosperous life and favourable weather. 

    In this festival, besides the unique rituals, there are a lot of attractive games and traditional art performances.

    Now, Are you readdy join a Sapa Tour to discover one of these festivals, now ???

    Please contact us via mail: info@sapatoursfromhanoi.com

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