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    Tips for traveling Vietnam during Tet holiday

    Tet Holiday or Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most important traditional occasion of Vietnamese. This holiday attract a lot of foreign people come to Vietnam this occasion to discovery Eastern traditional culture. 

    And to have a nice trip to Vietnamese this Lunar New Year, please refer to our article:  Tips for traveling Vietnam during Tet holiday.

    Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours


    In the month leading up to Tet, it is usually difficult to book any kind of transportation. So it is important to remember to make bookings well in advance. We strongly recommend that you book your air tickets as early in advance as possible. 

    However, International transportation, particularly airlines, will not be affected during the holiday season. If you intend to fly in or out of Vietnam during Tet, there is no need to worry.

    Book in advance

    For foreign travelers, Tet Holiday of Vietnam is the most interesting occasion cannot missed, that why its not easy to get room or tour to some famous destination such as Hanoi, HaLong Bay, Sapa,...

    But, many locals people also make plan to travel in Tet holiday, so there for if you don’t want to be disappointed you should book in advance.

    And if you have the best preparation, travel in Vietnam during Tet will be a great experience.

    Find a reputable local travel company

    In order to have a smooth trip, you should look for a reputable local travel company. Travel companies will give you useful tips, they will arrange the best service for you. And especially they will help you solve the difficulties during the trip.

    However, you must make sure that the travel company you choose is a responsible company. Thiat you can trust us. Vietnam Typical Tours is one of the leading travel agencies and tour operators in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia with many years of professional travel service experience. 

    Enjoy Vietnam Tours with us, we commit bring the authentic & unique experiences to travelers in Vietnam. Contact us now to get the best deals!

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