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    Ha Giang Tour with Nho Que River in Dong Van Karst Plateau

    Trekking tours in Ha Giang province, will allow you stay with local people, trekking through terrace field, villages in most isolated area, no touristic, really exploring… 

    In Ha Giang Tour, It will be wonderful to visit Nho Que River.

    Ha Giang Tour with Nho Que River in Dong Van Karst Plateau
    Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours

     Nho Que is a major tributary on the right bank of the Nhiem River. This is the river brings economic value to locals: serving plentiful water to agricultural activities in the dry season.

    The river starts from China. It runs along border for 16.4km then into Vietnam through Lung Cu Commune in Ha Giang and into Gam River in Cao Bang Province. 

    The river is 192 km long and the length of the section in Vietnam is 46 km with various twists and turns.

    Because Ha Giang is a mountainous province, Nho Que River mostly runs through dangerous terrains like ravines and deep abyss that is nearly 1,000m high. 

    Previously, it is a swift-flowing river but since the hydro power projects are carried out, the water at some sections is so still that it turns into 'lakes'.

    However, it is also a beautiful destination for tourists. Standing on Ma Pi leng mount, tourists can contemplate a river like a silky fillet looming in fog which brings tourists a pleasant sensation of a naturally romantic masterpiece. The river is concerned as the mysterious of nature. - VNA

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