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    Moc Chau Plateau - romantic Valentine's Day destination for couples

    At an altitude of over 1,000 meters, Moc Chau Plateau is in flowered throughout the year. Its stunning beauty has made Moc Chau a popular destination for For couples on Valentine's Day.

    Like Sapa tours, or Halong bay tours, Come to Moc Chau in Valentine day (14/2), young people will have many options with romantic scenery, add sweet taste for couples love.

    This year's Valentine's Day in the spring and spring is the best time to admire the stunning beauty of Moc Chau Plateau when its mountain slopes are covered with peach flowers. Getting lost in vast fields of peach trees whose pink and white flowers dance in the wind will surely be an impressive new experience for you. Moc Chau guarantees beautiful, romantic photos you can share with your friends when you return.

    Moc Chau Plateau - romantic Valentine's Day destination for couples
    Photo by tuandn0105  on PX

    At Moc Chau, two of you can visit:

    - Moc Chau tea hills: At here, you will be seen the in beautiful green color of the tea hills.

    - Cabbage Garden: The fields of napa cabbage flowers in Moc Chau will make tourists' eyes with valleys overwhelmed by the endless whiteness of flowers. It is like as as the legendary garden.

    - Pine Forest in Ang Village: This is a lovely village, inhabited by Thai people, there are many beautiful flower garden. Ang village up with traditional stilt houses hidden inside the green trees, winding stream

    - Pha Luong Peak: Pha Luong mountain peak is considered the roof of Moc Chau - Son La. Here are also the charming scenery and is also destination dating boys, girls.

    -  Peach blossom forest ...

    All are waiting for you to discover. Moc Chau is waiting for you.

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