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Best Vietnam Tours 2022 - 2023
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    Top destinations in Vietnam for spring

    Vietnam is the perfect destination for your vacation. Full of colour and activity, Vietnam offers a whirlwind of great food, culture and natural wonders. 

    And the spring is ideal time for you make a Vietnam Tours.  Here’s our list of Top destinations in Vietnam for spring.

    Top destinations in Vietnam for spring
    Moc Chau, Vietnam  - Photo by  ToanNguyen  on px

    Sapa town

    In Spring, Sapa becomes more and more attractive. A Sapa Tour, you will enjoy romantic, joyful time; soak up the fresh environment and spectacular mountains and forests. 

    Especially, you will have a chance to join in exciting festivals in here.

    Ha Giang

    From Hanoi to Ha Giang, you will come across and view the beautiful sceneries such as Bac Sum Slope, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Fairy mountain, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Meo Vac Fair…

    Especially you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful peach paintings in this place.

    Moc Chau Plateau

    In Spring when Peach-blossom, Plum blossom and white canola fields are blooming all over Moc Chau’s forests and mountains. Beside that is the colors of green tea hills, endlessly young and fresh grass. So, if you come to the Plateau in winter, you will be fascinated .

    Visiting temples, worshiping, wishing health and good things for family

    When spring comes, apart from travelling, Vietnamese people usually go on a pilgrimage at the beginning of Lunar New Year or called ‘go to pagoda’ to pray for safety, health, good luck, prosperity and happiness during the year. 

    Some famous  temples, pagodas as: Yen Tu , Bai Dinh pagoda, Perfume pagoda ( Huong pagoda)are  always attractions not to be missed in the Spring tour.  Every year, the location welcomes millions of domestic tourists and international visitors as well.

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